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IRACDA Scholar: Chavis Stackhouse, Ph.D.


Chavis Stackhouse                                                         

PhD: Chemistry, University of South Florida
NY-CAPS Placement:  Department of Chemistry


Chavis Stackhouse obtained his BS in Chemistry from the University of South Carolina in 2012. As an undergraduate, he conducted solid-state crystal growth research under the supervision of Dr. Hans-Conrad zur Loye.  Upon graduation, he joined the research group of Professor Shengqian Ma to pursue his PhD degree at the University of South Florida. His graduate research focused on the development of functional porous MOFs incorporating macrocyclic struts. Upon completion of his doctoral degree, he began as a post-doctoral researcher under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Takeuchi, Dr. Esther Takeuchi, and Dr. Amy Marschilok at Stony Brook University. His postdoctoral research centers upon fundamental investigation of the relationship between structural characteristics and interactions with electrons of solid composite materials facilitated by synthesis, characterization and electrochemistry of complex systems; subsequently, followed by a series of studies of the complexity of scale up towards electrochemical energy storage relevant to biomedical devices. 

  Why I chose to join IRACDA NY-CAPS: The opportunity to advance my development as an instructor whilst conducting quality and impactful research attracted me to the IRACDA NY-CAPS program.

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