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IRACDA Scholar: Dominique Williams, Ph.D.

Dominique Williams williams

PhD: Chemistry/ Biochemistry, Georgia State University
NY-CAPS Placement: Department of Chemistry


Dominique Williams earned her B.S. in Chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2005. She then completed her Ph.D. in Chemistry where she worked under Dr. Kathryn Grant at Georgia State University. Her graduate research entailed the design of biomimetic models of acidic phospholipases from lanthanide metal ions and complexes and DNA photocleavage studies by Cu(II) complexes. She is currently a NY-CAPS fellow at Stony Brook University working under Dr. Elizabeth Boon in the Department of Chemistry where she is studying the mechanism of signaling pathways that have been linked to the modulation of bacterial biofilms. The goal of her research is to use biochemical and molecular methods to investigate NO-dependent cyclic di-GMP signaling and the regulatory action of signaling proteins in the regulation of biofilms. Dominique's studies could lead to novel strategies for the prevention and/or treatment of antibiotic-resistant bacterial biofilms.

Why I chose to join IRACDA NY-CAPS 

My interest in the fellowship is to acquire training into a highly rewarding career, and transformation into a proficient and effective academic teaching and research professor. Also, the program provides a plethora of resources and developmental classes in pedagogy, grant writing, and communication, such as receiving training from the nationally recognized Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. I believe that the IRACDA NY-CAPS program will present to me a significant career stepping stone and assist me in becoming an efficient mentor, teacher, and scientist.


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