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 IRACDA Scholar: Angela Migues, Ph.D.


Angela Migues

PhD: Chemistry, University of Massachusetts- Amherst
NY-CAPS Placement: Department of Chemistry

Dr. Angela N. Migues earned her B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematical Science from the University of North Florida and obtained her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.  As an undergraduate, Angela used electronic structure methods to study the relationship between protein dynamics and competitive, intermolecular hydrogen bonding in Streptococcal Hyaluronate Lyase. During graduate school, under the guidance of Dr. Scott M. Auerbach, she studied mixed aldol condensations of biomass-derived aldehydes in acidic zeolites. Throughout her career Angela has worked earnestly to develop her skills, both in the lab and in the classroom, determined to become a top educator and scientist at a research-intensive university. Currently, she is an IRACDA NY-CAPS postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Carlos Simmerling in the Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology at Stony Brook University. In a broad sense, the Simmerling group is interested in using simulation to study the dynamics of biomolecular systems.  Specifically, Angela’s research will focus on using molecular dynamics simulations to understand the fundamental processes behind protein-DNA recognition. The comprehensive training that the IRACDA NY-CAPS program at Stony Brook University provides will enable Angela to reach her future goals as a research scientist, mentor and educator.


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