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AGEP-T FRAME Fellow: Owen Abe


Owen Abe

Graduate Student, Stony Brook University

Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Specialty: Ceramics, Biosensors

AGEP-T FRAME Research Mentor: Dr. Perena Gouma

Email: Owen.Abe@stonybrook.edu                                                                                                                                                 


Owen Abe is currently a PhD student and Turner Fellow in the Materials Science and Engineering program at Stony Brook University. He is currently working with Dr. Perena Gouma researching biosensors. Owen graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2013 from the Meyerhoff Scholars program with a degree in mechanical engineering. As an undergrad, he participated in REU programs at Brookhaven National Laboratory (SULI), University of Notre Dame, and Rutgers University (GET UP). Before attending graduate school, he worked for Naval Sea Systems Command Engineering Directorate as an engineering technician supporting the Chief of Staff.

Seminar Title: Fabrication and Characterization of ε-WO3 Processed Flame Spray Pyrolysis Thin Film Ferroelectric Capacitors

Description: Acetone is one of the biomarkers in our breath that may be used to measure and control metabolic disorders such as diabetes. Sensors that have the ability to monitor the amount of acetone in the breath with high specificity and sensitive are needed. Once such sensor is ε-WO3 however, ε-WO3 is a thermodynamically unstable polymorph of WO3 at room temperature. To address this issue, a rapid solidification process, flame spray pyrolysis, was used to create stable ε-WO3 which can exist at room temperature. It has been proposed that the reason for ε-WO3’s sensitivity to acetone has to do with its ferroelectric properties. For device fabrication and inclusion, attention must be paid to the electrical, chemical, structural and mechanical responses of ε-WO3 when subjected to external electric fields. The work presented here discusses the characterization and fabrication of ε-WO3 nanopowder produced through flame spray pyrolysis and a study of the electrical hysteretic properties of ε-WO3 thin film capacitors.