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AGEP-T FRAME Fellow: Lyl Tomlinson



Lyl Tomlinson

Graduate Student, Stony Brook University

Department of Neuroscience

Specialty: Cellular and Molecular/ Exercise

AGEP-T FRAME Research Mentor: Dr. Holly Colognato                             

Email: Lyl.Tomlinson@stonybrook.edu


I am a native of Brooklyn, New York. After obtaining a Bachelors degree in Psychology at Brooklyn College, I continued on into graduate school to learn more about the brain. Currently, I am a fourth year graduate student in the Neuroscience department at Stony Brook University. I have a specific interest in how behaviors, including exercise, affect the brain on a cellular level and how these changes may relate to subsequent enhancements of cognition.

Seminar Title: Exercise and Youth: How Aerobic Activity May Influence Brain Development in Juveniles.