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Tianchi at International Graduate Reception


On July 27, Stony Brook University welcomed more than 400 new international graduate students at a reception hosted by Visa and Immigration Services (VIS). Students were greeted and provided with an overview of the University by Dr. Jun Liu, Vice Provost for Global Affairs, and staff from VIS. Students enjoyed various activities and games throughout the reception, allowing them to meet their peers and strengthen bonds. Tianchi was among these students and was especially moved by the warm and welcoming spirit at Stony Brook as he met fellow classmates. His peers were impressed by his story, strength, and perseverance, and expressed their best wishes to Tianchi for the coming school year.

  tianchi recp.7 月27日,纽约州立大学石溪分校为全体硕士,博士学生举行了欢迎会,为400多名学生介绍了石溪大学的生活。分管国际事务的副校长刘骏,首先欢迎了全体参会的学生, 并为学生们介绍了学校的概况。之后,为了让同学们熟悉各位,学校组织了音乐,游戏等活动,增强了同学们的集体感,大家以后在石溪大学的生活和学习有了一个良好的开端。莫天池同学也参加了此次欢迎会,通过此次活动,天池同学再次感受到了石溪大学的热情。同学们被天池在逆境中坚强的精神所感动,并纷纷表示支持和鼓励。