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Top 10 Reasons Why SBU Is Your Choice

  1. Excellent reputation and status

    Top 1% in 2018 QS World University Rankings

    Top 35 in 2018 Best value public university

    Top 80 in 2018 U.S. NEWS national University Rankings

  2. First-class academic atmosphere

    Stony Brook University is a member of Association of American Universities(AAU), an organization with highly selective invitation-evaluation system for members. It has over sixty-two universities across North America including Harvard, Yale and MIT are renowned representatives among those.

    It is located adjacent to The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory which is known as crossroads of biological science, as well as to the Brookhaven National Laboratory. Both laboratory-based projects involve our professors.

  3. Highly-qualified faculty

    World-renowned nuclear physicist, Nobel physics winner Chen-Ning Yang once taught here for thirty-seven years.

    Stony brook holds a strong faculty with thirty-seven academicians covering various subjects and seven Nobel Prize winners, those who awarded internationally in many significant competitions more than 40 times, such as Nobel Prize in physics and in medicine, Pulitzer prize for literature, Howard Hughes medical institute award and National Science Medal etc.

    Student-faculty ratio is 18:1

  4. Comprehensive majors

    Stony Brook University offers more than 200 undergraduate programs and more than 150 master’s programs. According to 2018 US national major rankings, those programs ranked as follows: clinical psychology No.4, nuclear physics No.4, physics No.23, math No.25, geometry No.4, topology No.11, politics No.29, psychology No.39, computer science No.40, chemistry No.56, economics No.63.

  5. Convenient location

    Stony Brook University is located on Long Island— a lovely costal city on the outskirts of New York City and only 30-minute drive to downtown Manhattan. Apart from that, train station is available within campus links to Kennedy international airport, LaGuardia international airport and ferry ports as well.

  6. Great cost performance

    Among top-class universities, Stony Brook calls for a relatively low tuition fee comparing with others. The estimated yearly cost for full-time international students includes tuition fee of $24,180, other fees of $2,616 and room and board of $13,454.

    *The fee may vary within slight range for different accommodation options.

  7. Profitable policies

    International students account for approximately 16% of the total, and half of them come from China. The total sum of Chinese students including those involved in OPT intern program is approximately 2700.

    The enrollment in China as well as students’ life are highly valued by college executives, therefore, a special service called China Center is established with Dr. Jun Liu, vice-president of SBU, being the director and responsible for mainland enrollment.

    Mainland college entrance exam is considered an eligible admission in 2018.

  8. Comfortable and safe campus

    Large well-equipped gym: swimming pool, badminton court and volleyball court.

    Accommodation is guaranteed for all students with options including single room, double room and suite etc. Kitchen, washing machine, dryer, self-study room and entertainment room are standard setting for all dormitory, and some of those facilities are for exclusive use in selective rooms.

    The police department consists of 140 employees, including 70 officers. The jurisdiction covers the entire campus. Security staff are 24-hour standby in case of any help or emergency from students and faculty.

  9. Considerate career building

    Stony Brook University offers a professional career guidance center covering services such as employment tutorial, resume polishing and systemic pre-career training. Every semester, students are welcomed to job fairs for internships and job opportunities. Ninety-five percent of SBU graduates enter the workplace or pursue postgraduate studies.

  10. Diverse student life community

    Our university found more than 400 clubs and communities with a range of fields such as social services, academic purposes, culture and religion as well. SBU has built a good relationship network among major countries including Italy, Japan, Australia, South Africa and more, therefore, various exchange programs with flexible timetable are available for students.


  1. 优越的声望与地位



    2018 U.S. NEWS全美大学综合排名第80位。

  2. 高质量的学术氛围



  3. 卓越优质的教师团队




  4. 全面的专业设置

    石溪大学本科阶段设有200多个专业和学术项目,研究生阶段设有150多个专业。2018年全美专业排名中,临床心理学专业排名第4位,核物理专业第4位,物理专业第23位,数学专业第25位,几何专业第4位,拓扑专业第11位,政治学专业第29位,心理学专业第39位,计算机科学专业第40位,化学专业第56位 ,经济学专业第63位。

  5. 优越的地理位置


  6. 优质的性价比



  7. 有利的学校政策

    际生占在校总人数的16%左右,其中一半的国际生来自中国. 包括在实习(OPT)以内的中国留学生大约为2700人。



  8. 舒适安全的校园环境




  9. 贴心的职业规划服务


  10. 丰富多彩的校园生活