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Postdoctoral Researchers

Ke Sun                                                       

2018-2019 Post-doc researcher, in Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

  • Study of mesoscale transport phenomena in conventional Li-ion batteries and beyond

2015-2018 Research Associate, Sustainable Energy Technology Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory

  • Study of long cycle life Lithium Sulfur battery

2015 Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
2009 B.S., Materials Physics, Fudan University


M.S. Students

Yu-Chung Lin                                        YuChung

2018 Master of Science, in Materials Science and Engineering

M.S. Thesis: “Synchrotron X-ray Nano-tomography Study of Heterogenous Materials in Semiconductor and Cultural Heritage Applications”


Hua Jiang

2016 Master of Science, in Materials Science and Engineering

M.S. Thesis: Evolution of Surface Morphology and Chemistry in ZnO Thin Films and Steel Surfaces studied by Synchrotron X-ray Spectroscopy and Imaging


Undergraduate Students


Bryan Conry                                           Bryan

2019 B. E. Chemical and Molecular Engineering

Research interests: X-ray characterization techniques, fabrication of functional nano-composites, mechanical properties

Research project: Heterogeneity in Art Works with Synchrotron X-ray Analysis


Kevin Kucharczyk                              Kevin

Summer Undegraduate Student, 2018 Summer
via   NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program
  Nanotechnologyfor Health, Energy and the Environment

Background: Undergraduate Student at SUNY-Farmingdale
Major: Electrical Engineering
Research project: Nano-Composites for 3D Printing Batteries, Nanotechnology