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Responsible Conduct in Research

What is it?

Our Responsible Conduct in Research policy ensures that we are all performing our research as ethically and responsibly as possible.

There are guidelines from the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the College of Arts and Sciences ( these links are at the bottom of the page). However, we have adopted our own guidelines which satisfy all of those above, are more rigorous and more clearly defined. Our departmental policy can be found here

Who needs RCR training?

Everyone who performs research as a member of the Chemistry Department.

This includes all Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, High School Students, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Research Staff, Affiliated Faculty, Research Faculty, Professors, and Guests (visiting scholars, Sabbatical Visitors, etc.).

How do you get RCR training?

There are two parts: (1) an online education/training session and (2) in person training (IPT, which includes discussions of ethical quandaries).

Information on online training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program can be found through Stony Brook Research

IPT can be satisfied in a number of different ways:

  • If you are a graduate student in chemistry you must complete GRD 500 in its entirety in the spring of your first year. You do not need to attend GRD 500 again until the spring of your 5th year. Starting in your 5th year, you need to attend one GRD 500 session per year (not the whole course). After attending the session of GRD you should fill out the completion form (obtained from GRD instructor) and give it to April Musano. Anyone beyond 5th year should continue taking one session/year and completing the form.
  • If you are an undergraduate , you must enroll in one of our triannual Entering Research Workshops. Please talk to your research advisor to get enrolled before beginning research.
  • If you are a postdoctoral researcher , you must enroll in either the next available Entering Research Workshop, offered three times per year, or GRD 500, whichever is closest to your arrival at Stony Brook. 
  • Everyone else should refer to the departmental guidelines.


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