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Empowering Safe Practices Team (ESPT)

Safety Training

  • Training must be completed on an annual basis 
  • LSO(s) for each laboratory should keep an up-to-date training record for all students and post docs in their group 
  • Mandatory training required by Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)
    • Incoming students will be trained in the beginning of the fall semester by EH&S and Human Resources (HR)
    • Laboratory safety training requirements ( here)
    • Chemical Safety ( here
  • Lab-specific training
    • Administered by PI or authorized group member
    • Laid out in SOPs
    • Records of training must be documented
    • EH&S courses pertinent to research conducted in lab (i.e. biological hazards, nitric acid, radiation, laser safety, regulated medical waste, etc.) 
  • ELS 002 (Chemical Hazards) and ENV 001 (Hazardous Waste) are required annually by the Chemistry Department 
  • Annual training requirements may be satisfied by one of the following:
    • Completing EH&S courses on Blackboard
    • Attending 4 safety seminars/workshops within the department, including Chemistry Safety Day seminars/demos
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