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Empowering Safe Practices Team (ESPT)

The ESPT (Empowering Safe Practices Team) is led by a group of graduate students who serve as Laboratory Safety Officers (LSOs) from various areas of the Department of Chemistry at Stony Brook University.


Graduate Students:

Andrea Bruck ( Battery Chemistry)
Myounwoo Kim ( Organic Chemistry)
Brianna O’Neill ( Chemical Biology)

Jessica Durham (Inorganic Chemistry/Materials) - Alumni Member

Diane Colabello (Safety Position at Weill Cornell Medicine) - Alumni Member

Wendy Hom (Inorganic Chemistry/Materials) - Alumni Member



safety team 


Faculty/Staff Members:

Surita Bhatia ( Safety Committee Chair)
Patricia Nolan ( Departmental Safety Officer)
April Musano ( Director of Laboratories)


How does the ESPT aim to promote safety in the department? 

  • Increasing awareness of safe practices in the laboratory by posting safety-related flyers throughout the Chemistry building

  • Ensuring that LSOs from all labs fully comprehend and are up-to-date on all mandatory training

  • “Peer reviews” of each other’s labs, in addition to annual inspections by Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)

  • Involvement with graduate students through hands-on demos

  • Participating in an annual department-wide safety day


Contact patricia.nolan.1@stonybrook.edu with questions.

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