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J une 2015
- Fang Xu gave an oral presentation at 
the 24th North American Meeting of the Catalysis Society in Pittsburgh, PA. She was also awarded the prestigious Kokes award.

May 2015
-Ken Goodman has joined the group.


November 2014
- Robert Palomino attended the AVS 61st International Symposium in Baltimore, MD and gave an oral presentation entitled "Struture/Reactivity studies of promoted Rh/TiO 2catalysts under CO Hydrogenation Conditions"


August 2014
- Miki Nakayama gave a poster presentation: "Interfacial Charge Transfer and Reactivity of Supported Metal Oxide Nanoclusters.

- While in SF, there was a small group reunion at the ACS meeting.


May 2014
-Amanda Muraca and Meng Xue have joined the group.

March 2014
-Miki presented a poster at "Science at the Interface: A Symposium in Honor of Steven J. Sibener" at the Chicao Materials Research Center at the University of Chicago.

Jan uary 2014
-Pamela Carrillo has joined the group. She will be studying reaction mechanisms on oxide supported metal nanoparticles.


December  2013
-Sung-Young Hong has joined the group as a Post Doctoral student working with Nick Camillone.



October 2013
Recent work involving the use of a PImMS camera for imaging butanone photooxidation on TiO 2(110) was featured in the Search and Discovery section of  Physics Today.

Surface Chemistry Experiments Speed Up

-Yixiong Yang has left the group to take a position as a Process Engineer at Applied Materials in California.


                                      The group on Yixiong's last day

September 2013
-Dr. John Lofaro has left the group and accepted a lecturer position at Fordham University

-Robert Palomino and Joe Magee attended the 246 th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition in Indianapolis, IN. 

Robert's talk was entitled  "Atomic/Electronic structure analysis of Rh-Fe/TiO 2 nanoparticles during CO Hydrogenation"
Joe's talk was entitled 
"In Situ FT-IR spectroscopy of Rh-Fe/TiO 2 nanoparticles during CO Hydrogenation"

   Dan , Yixiong and John at Spring 2013 Commencement

August 2013
-Yixiong Yang successfully defended her dissertation entitled "Rational Design of Cu-based Nanocatalysts for the Production of Methanol"

-Lizhoue Nie received his Master's Degree. His thesis was entitled "
An Investigation of Charge Transfer at the Cluster-Substrate Interface using Size Selected Clusters"

-Miki Nakayama and Matt Kershis attended the Dynamics at Surfaces Gordon Research Conference in Newport, RI

Matt presented a posted entitled  "
Photooxidation Dynamics of Acetone and Butanone on TiO 2(110)"

Miki presented a poster entitled  "Interfacial Dynamics of Supported Metal Oxide Nanoclusters"

                                             Mike, Dan and Matt on Dan's last day.

May 2013
- John Lofaro successfully defended his Dissertation entitled "A Surface Science Study of Metal Oxide and Supported Nanoparticles for the Production of Hydrogen"

-Dan Wilson has accepted a Post Doctoral Research Associate Position at the Indian Head Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center




Controlling the Size of Nanoclusters: First Step in Making New Catalysts - is described in the first half of BNL's monthly video Magazine  Take 5

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