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Professors Chu/Hsiao's Group

    Christian Burger

    O: (631) 632-1315

    Office: Rm.419, Chem. Dept.

    Research Area: small-angle x-ray scattering, wide-angle x-ray scattering, fiber diffraction, light scattering, rheology, structure-property relationships in imperfectly structured

    systems, macrolattices, block-copolymers, polyelectrolyte-surfactant complexes, semi-crystalline polymers, high performance polymer fibers, preferred orientation, polymer crystallization, shish-kebab structures, clay composites,disordered lamellar systems, calcified tissue, fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibers.

    Dufei Fang

    O: (631) 632-7892, C: (631) 838-7796

    Office: Rm.416, Chem.Dept.

    Research Area: Electrospining Progress, Experiment equipment development

    Sihui Guan

    O: (631) 632-7892

    Office: Rm. 302, Chem. Dept.

    Research Area: Study on hydrogel as implants for post lumpectomy patients

    Chirakkal V. Krishnan

    O: (631) 632-6633, H: (631) 928-5761

    Office: Rm.314, Chem. Dept.

    Research Area: Electronic properties of biological molecules, double layer

    behavior of molecular clusters, bioinorganic drug molecules.

    Hongyang Ma

    O: (631) 229-6899

    Office: Rm. 413, Chem. Dept.

    R esearch area: Preparation and application of high flux microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis membranes; Preparation and characterization of polyethylene and fluorocopolymer nanocomposites.

    Lixia Rong

    O: (631) 344-3175, X27C: (631) 344-5627

    Office: Rm. 315, Chem. Dept.

    Research Area: X-ray scattering and diffraction of polymers at Beamline X27C at NSLS

    Shigeyuki Toki

    O: (631) 632-6633

    Office: Rm. 314, Chem. Dept.

    Research Area: Mechanical properties on Rubber and Thermo-plastic elastomer using Synchrotron X-ray. Strain-induced crystallization, molecular orientation and their contribution to stress in rubber and TPE

    Grad Students

    Justin Che

    O: (631) 632-7892

    Office: Rm. 315, Chem. Dept.

    Research Area: Synchrotron X-ray Studies of Soft Materials, Mechanical properties of Vulcanized and Un-Vulcanized Rubber Latex using Synchrotron X-ray, Strain-Induced Crystallization, Characterization of Nanoclay Orientation in Polymer Nanocomposite Films

    Mahati Elluru

    O: (631) 632-7892

    o ffice: Rm.302, Chem. Dept.

    Research Area: Development of polymer based hydrogel implants for post lumpectomy patients.

    Xiaowei Li

    O: (631) 632-7892

    Office: Rm.315, Chem. Dept.

    Research Area: Deformation of polymers and Flow-induced crystallization of polymers.

    Yang Liu

    O: (631) 632-7892

    Office: Rm. 315, Chem. Dept.

    Research Area: Thin film membrane for water purification.

    Yimin Mao

    O: (631) 632-7892

    Office: Rm. 315, Chem. Dept.

    R esearch area: Time-resolved study on semi-crystalline polymer at multiple length scales, using small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering techniques. Instrumentation on combined measurements of solution X-ray and light scattering.

    Tsung-Ming Yeh

    O: (631) 632-7892

    Office: Rm. 315, Chem. Dept.

    Research Area: bio-fuel production, dehydration of ethanol. polymer nano-processing using molecular dynamic simulation.

    Zhirui Mo

    O: (631) 632-7892

    Office: Rm. 315, Chem. Dept.

    Research Area: Application of natural material on water purification

    Ran Wang

    O: (631) 632-7892

    Office: Rm. 315, Chem. Dept.

    Research Area: Electrospun membrane for filtration, Polymer synthesis

    Xiao Wang

    O: (631) 632-7892

    Office: Room 315, Chem. Dept.

    Research Area: thin film synthesis for desalination and thin film coating method.

    Zhe Wang

    O: (631) 632-7892

    Office: Rm. 315, Chem. Dept.

    Research Area: Preparation of Thin Film Nanofiber Coating for Water

    Purification Membrane

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