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John B. Parise, Professor

Joint Appointment with the Department of Geosciences

John Parise

Ph.D. James Cook University, Australia, 1981
Australia-Japan Business Cooperation Committee Research Fellowship 1977-78
Visiting Research Scientist, E.I. DuPont, 1982-1983, 1986-1987, 1988-1989

Phone: (631) 632-8196

Inorganic Chemistry

Our present understanding of the properties of solid-state materials depends heavily on a knowledge of their structure. We are investigating the relationship between structure and properties in framework compounds. These are materials, which include the molecular sieves and the perovskites, composed of corner-connected polyhedral structural elements. The molecular sieves contain regularly spaced channels with dimensions close to those of small molecules (5-18Å). Sieves based upon corner-connected SiO4- tetrahedra are used extensively in chemical reforming processes, selective catalysis, synthesis, and ion exchange processes. Under appropriate conditions, the regularly spaced pores and channels in these materials can be manipulated to produce platforms suitable for ship-in-the-bottle-type chemistry. Aspects of this work are being pursued with collaborators at the DuPont Chemical Company.

One important aspect of this work is the search for new framework compositions that may have properties not envisioned for the main group of metal-oxide molecular sieves. New frameworks based upon sulfur and fluorine rather than oxygen, and new routes to their synthesis, are being explored. Precursor materials are contacted with templates, usually tertiary or quaternary amines, which impose their shape on the framework crystallizing around them. By choosing appropriate conditions of temperature, pressure, templating agent, and pH, novel frameworks are being synthesized and tested for thermal stability, sorption capacity, and optical properties.

Another project concentrates on the synthesis and properties of nonlinear optical materials. In collaboration with DuPont Chemical, we are investigating new synthetic routes using the hydrothermal apparatus in the Department of Geosciences.

We are also engaged in a program of exploratory synthesis using the unique high-pressure facilities available at Stony Brook. The ability to generate very high pressures in the 2,000-ton press housed at the Department of Earth and Space Sciences allows us to generate rich O2, S and H2O environments. Several novel oxides have so far been synthesized and await structural characterization. This chemistry is in its infancy and shows much promise.

To complement the synthetic effort, we have a strong commitment to structural characterization. We have access to state-of-the-art, in-house X-ray diffraction (both powder and single crystal) as well as facilities at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. Here we employ neutron and X-ray diffraction to study the structural response of synthetic materials to changes in temperature and pressure. This provides primary data for the evaluation of materials under conditions approximating those expected for working catalysts. We have extensive contacts with other national laboratories.


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