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Joseph Lauher and Frank W. Fowler Endowed Chair in Materials Chemistry

B.Sc. University of Sydney, 2001
Ph.D. University of Sydney, 2006
Arthur Holly Compton Fellowship, Argonne National Laboratory, 2006 - 2009
Argonne National Laboratory, 2009 - 2018

579 Chemistry Building
Phone: 631 632 7912

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The research in our group explores the relationship between structure and reactivity in functional materials with a focus on energy applications. We want to understand how a material's function and limitations are governed by its chemistry and structure from the atomic scale to the nanoscale, and beyond. We use a variety of crystallographic characterization tools to directly probe structural transformation during reactions or operation, often exploiting large X-ray and neutron user facilities such as the nearby NSLS-II at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Ongoing projects focus on nanomaterials, energy-efficient catalysts, energy storage, host-guest interactions and mechanical properties of porous framework and materials discovery and synthesis.


Honors & Awards

  • Chemical & Engineering News’ Talented Twelve (2016) - "The X-ray Manipulator"

  • Materials Research Society Outstanding Young Investigator Award (2015) For contributions to understanding the coupled structure and reactivity of energy-relevant systems and for developing incisive experimental tools to interrogate these complex materials

  • APS Spotless Award (2012) - For creative implementation of web-based instruction

  • Co-editor, Journal of Applied Crystallography (from 2013)

Selected Videos & Media

Interdisciplinary Research Centers

Our group contributes to several Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRC's) supported by the U.S. Department of Energy
  • ICDC - Inorganometallic Catalyst Design Center. ICDC is devoted to computationally guided discovery of a new class of energy-science-relevant catalytic materials and the underlying structure-function relationships that will guide further catalyst discovery
  • NECCES - NorthEast Center for Chemical Energy Storage. NECCES develops an understanding of how key electrode reactions occur and how they can be controlled to improve electrochemical performance, from the atomistic level to the macroscopic level throughout the lifetime of an operating battery.
  • GENESIS - A Next Generation Synthesis Center. GENESIS develop a new paradigm for synthesis that accelerates the discovery of functional materials by integrating advanced in situ diagnostics and data science tools to interrogate, predict, and control reaction pathways.