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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate scientific research is an activity that has many benefits: You gain experience that may be useful to you in future study or your career. You form a professional relationship with your supervisor that can serve as the basis for a letter of recommendation. You get course credit and may even get paid! But perhaps the most important benefit is the understanding you gain as to how scientific information is accumulated and ideas developed, and how you fit into the picture - is this what you want to spend your life doing? In fact, your participation in research may turn out to be the most important aspect of your college experience.

The following is a list of professors who have expressed particular interest in including undergraduates in their research groups this year. There are other professors who did not have the opportunity to be included on this list and would be glad to meet you. Check the departmental web pages at http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/chemistry, which provide more complete information. Then speak to professors whose class you have enjoyed and who you think might be interesting to work for. If you have any other questions regarding undergraduate research in the Chemistry Department, you may contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Note that registration in CHE 487 or 495-6 can be done only through the Department office.

All rooms given below are in the Chemistry building. You should try to arrange all research opportunities well in advance of the semester you wish to begin research.

Name Area or Research Topic Room Phone
Allison Ultrafast Spectroscope  576 2-8199
Aubrecht Green and sustainable chemistry: development of activities for high school students linking chemistry and sustainability; (bio)degradation of polymers 409 2-7901
Bhatia Rheology & Phase Behavior of Associative Polymer Gels; Small-Angle Scattering; Structure & Rheology of Colloidal Dispersions & Complex Fluids; Polymeric Materials for Cell Encapsulation 441 2-7788
Boon Nitric Oxide Sensing & Signaling in Bacteria & The Molecular Mechanisms of Biofilm Formation & Quorum Sensing 547 2-7945
Carrico Protein engineering and chemical biology 533 2-7935
Chiu Development of Methods for Synthesizing & Characterizing Organic Materials 669 2-9548
Chu Ultrafiltration, tissue engineering, gene/drug carriers, inorganic/organic nanocomposites, biomineralization, synchotron-X-rays/laser cross correlations 403 2-7928
Drueckhammer Organic synthesis, molecular recognition, computer-guided design 741 2-7923
French Structure, Mechanism, Organization & Function of Enzymes & Enzyme Complexes Involved in Nucleotid Metabolism; X-Ray Crystallography, Microscopy, Assay Development & Development & Drug Discovery LSB 474 2-8015
Gao Optical Imaging, Fluorescence Microscopty, Analytical Instrumentation 567 2-8572
Goroff Novel organic compounds and their properties/organic materials 779 2-8356
Grubbs Polymer and nanomaterial synthesis 749 2-7911
Honda Development of Novel & Highly Bioactive Michael Acceptors 743 2-7162
Hsiao Nanocellulose Chemistry for Water Purification 479 2-7793
Jia Nuclear chemistry and relativistic heavy-ion collisions 461 2-7905
C. Johnson Atmospheric & Energy Research Combined Optical Sprectroscopy/Mass Spectrometry Methods 521 2-7577
F. Johnson New drugs from ethnobotanicals and the chemistry, toxicology and repair of DNA adducts 607 2-8866
Khalifah Solid state chemistry; electronic and magnetic materials; renewable energy; x-ray diffractions; crystal growth 447 2-7796
Koch Inorganic and rrganic synthesis 675 2-7944
Koga * Green Nanomanufacturing of Functional Polymeric Surfaces Using Advanced X-ray & Neutron Scattering Techniques O. Eng 318 2-8485
Lacey Nuclear chemistry and physics 459 2-7955
Laughlin Chemical Neuroscience: Chemical Approaches to Controlling & Visualizing the Brain’s Neural Circuit 529 2-2642
London Biomembrane Structure LSB 420 2-8564
Marschilok Electrochemistry & Engineering of Composite Electrodes Associated with the Oxygen Reduction Reaction & Lithium-Air Batteries   2-7909
Mayr Molecular components for nanoelectronics 721 2-7951
Miller * Development & Application of Chemical Imaging for the Study of Biological Cells & Tissues 725D 344-2091
Ngai Catalysis to Human Health 767 2-2641
Ojima Synthetic Organic & Medicinal Chemistry at the Biomedical Interface 737 2-7890
Parise Synthetic Solid State Chemistry & In Situ X-Ray Diffraction, Chemistry at High Pressure ESS 238 2-8196
Parker Total synthesis, synthetic methods, organic chemistry for biomedical applications 707 2-7851
Patterson Mechanistic Computational Chemistry 465 2-7449
Raleigh Protein folding and misfolding in human disease 647 2-9547
Raineri Influence of solvation on the rates of electron transfer reactions 437 2-7898
Rizzo Computational Biology MAT 101 2-9340
Rodriquez * Catalysis and Surface Chemistry BNL 344-2246
Rudick Soft Materials Synthesis using Organic & Supramolecular Chemistry 775 2-7630
Rushton Conceptual Change in Tertiary Chemistry Learning Environments; Classroom Discourse Practices; Policy Reform in K-16 Chemistry Education; Large-scale Demographic Analyses of K-12 STEM Teaching Populations; Science Teacher Leadership 475 2-7946
Sampson Chemical biology of fertilization, polymer synthesis, and M. tuberculosis catalyzed sterol oxidation 659 2-7952
Schärer Chemical biology of DNA repair 619 2-7545
Sears Molecular spectroscopy and dynamics 559 2-1144
Seeliger Molecular Mechanisms by which Bacteria Make & Modify Lipid Membranes, Focusing on Pathogenic Bacteria such as Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, which Causes Tuberculosis CMM 448 2-1674
Simmerling Using Supercomputers to Study Structural Biology, DNA Repair & Drug Resistance Laufer Ctr. 2-5424
Takeuchi, E. Chemistry, Electrochemistry & Engineering Associated with all Aspects of Energy Storage(Battery) Technologies 667 2-7922
Takeuchi, K Chemistry & Electrochemistry of Nano-structured Redox Active Inorganic Materials with Application towards Energy Storage 547 2-7922
Tonge Chemical biology: discovery of antibacterial drugs; mechanism of enzyme Catalysis; mechanism of chromophore formation and fluorescence in green fluorescent protein 633 2-7907
Wang Landscape Theory of Biomolecular Interactions & Networks 433 2-1185
White Surface chemistry and dynamics 541 2-1722
Wolfskill Assessment of student learning, web-based software and curriculum development 575 2-7712
Wong Physical, biological and chemical applications of nanoscience and nanotechnology 415 2-1703
Zhu * Electron Microscopy, Solid-state Physics; Nanoscale Materials Science & Engineering BNL 344-3057

*These faculty members or affiliates are located at BNL.

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