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Undergraduate Chemistry Major

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Degree

Students who wish to complete the B.S. degree in Chemistry must elect one of the following options. All the options feature a common core of basic introductory chemistry, physics and mathematics courses combined with additional courses unique to each option. A separate brochure is available describing the features of each option.

Chemical Science
This option is the most traditional path with a greatest emphasis given to courses in the Chemistry Department. Students electing this option will acquire a considerable amount of laboratory experience. This option is an excellent one for students who wish to seek employment as a chemist or who wish to go to graduate school in chemistry.

Biological Chemistry
Students choosing this option take a variety of courses in the biological sciences in addition to advanced courses in chemistry. The program prepares students for work or further study in such fields as chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, medicine or other health sciences.

Chemical Physics
The Chemical Physics option is for students who wish to combine their studies in chemistry with additional courses in Physics and Mathematics. The program is strongly recommended for students who have a interest in the more physical aspects of chemistry. Students who complete the program are well trained for employment in chemistry and well prepared for graduate studies in chemical physics or physical chemistry.

Environmental Chemistry
This option is a unique one that combines traditional studies in chemistry with additional work in biology and environmental science. Student completing the program are well prepared for employment as chemists and for graduate studies in chemistry as well as various environmental specialties.

The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry Degree

Students who wish to complete the B.A. degree in Chemistry must complete a set of requirements somewhat less lengthy that those required for the B.S. degree. The B.A. degree maybe a good choice for students seeking further professional training or those who wish to combine their major in chemistry with a second major in some other department.

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Chemistry Degree

The Engineering Chemistry Program is an interdisciplinary program sponsored by the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The program is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the chemical principles and materials technology underlying modern materials technology. Students take a core of courses in chemistry, physics and mathematics combined with a set of courses offered by the Materials Science and Engineering Department. Students completing the program are well trained for employment in the materials field or for graduate study in solid state chemistry or materials science.

Detailed lists of the requirements for the major and course descriptions can be found in the Chemistry sections of the current Undergraduate Bulletin. Brochures describing the various degree options in detail are available from the Chemistry office.

Department Office: Chemistry 104 (631) 632-7880
Chairperson: Nicole Sampson (631) 632-7885
Undergraduate Advising: Stephen Koch (631) 632-7944 E-mail:  Stephen.Koch@stonybrook.edu

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