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The Department of Chemistry at Stony Brook University (SBU) seeks to hire a tenure track faculty member at the Assistant Professor level, to begin Fall 2023. We invite applications from both experimentalists and theorists in all subfields of Chemistry with interests in (1) application of chemical principles to human health; (2) chemical approaches to address energy and environmental challenges; and/or (3) artificial intelligence approaches to address research questions in the chemical sciences, broadly defined. The new faculty member is expected to establish, or have established, a vibrant, extramurally funded research program, and must have a Ph.D. from an accredited institution in chemistry or a closely related field, and postdoctoral experience. Candidates must have demonstrated excellence in innovative research and have a strong commitment to teaching undergraduate and graduate chemistry.

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The Postdoctoral Associate will assist the Principal Investigator in the Department of Chemistry.  

Please visit the Stanislaus Wong's Group to learn more about the PI's department and research areas of interest. This current project will focus on the synthesis, structural characterization, and catalysis studies of novel nanostructured materials, and will involve experimental studies conducted not only at Stony Brook University but also at Brookhaven National Laboratory, as needed.

Ammonia (NH3), traditionally synthesized using the 20th century Haber-Bosch process, is primarily used to create not only fertilizer for food production but also explosives, pharmaceuticals, refrigerants, and cleaning products. The focus of this project involves the directed development of methods to devise a 21st century replacement for generating ammonia under preferably ambient conditions, implying the possibility for low energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions, through electrocatalysis. Hence, the successful candidate will possess relevant expertise not only in advanced synthesis techniques but also in the structural characterization methods, including a variety of complementary diffraction, microscopy, and spectroscopic techniques, relevant for the synthesis and application of novel inorganic nanoscale materials. It would also be highly desirable for the candidate to have had experience in conducting electrocatalysis measurements. Moreover, the candidate should have the ability to set up, to operate, and to learn novel instrumentation techniques and to effectively collaborate with other team members of diverse intellectual backgrounds. Specifically, expertise with synchrotron measurements would be especially useful. Finally, the candidate should be familiar with machine learning and multi-computational methods.  

The incumbent will conduct research and ensure that all experiments are appropriately conducted following the policies and procedures of Stony Brook University.

  • Within the predetermined research scope and methodology, conduct research experiments in the field of Chemistry.
  • Collect and analyze data, including periodical/literature search and utilizing specialized skills in related fields to analyze the collected data.
  • Participate/assist in manuscript writing for publication in scientific journals and/or presentations.  May also assist in grant writing.
  • Lab maintenance, including equipment maintenance and ordering of supplies as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned, which may include attending Scientific Conferences and Meetings.

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