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Emerson Award and Lap Chan Scholarship

Each year the faculty members of the Department of Chemistry select an outstanding chemistry major who has completed his or her junior year to receive the Emerson Award, in recognition of his or her solid academic performance. The award is named for the late Professor George Emerson, a member of the faculty from 1965-1969.

Attached to the Emerson Award is the Lap Chan Scholarship, made possible by Dr. Lap S. Chan, who graduated from the chemistry program in 1980, and who generously endowed a scholarship fund for deserving undergraduate majors. The scholarship is credited to the recipient’s tuition account at the Office of the Bursar.

Year Recipient(s)
1968 Linda Giering, David Weiner
1969 Hans Bates
1970 Leonard Cohen
1971 Charles Bauschlicher
1972 Howard Austerlitz
1974 Michael Berman
1975 Ross Armstrong, Arthur Bertolino, Joseph Capriolo
1976 Leonard Grosso
1977 Grace Minamoto
1978 Ilchin Yi
1979 David Brieff
1980 Peter Sloanne
1981 Edwin Heidelberger
1982 Joseph McKenna
1983 Ruth Heidelberger
1984 Gregory Palleschi
1985 Robert Eberle
1986 Gary Breton, Mohammad Eslami
1987 Jeff Albert
1988 Ramin Mollaaghababa, Alfonso Ciervo
1989 Glen Anderson, Deirdre Belle-Oudry
1990 Lyman Smith
1991 Craig Gerken, William Greenberg
1992 Douglas Carsten
1998 Kaushal Nanavati
1999 Charlotte Eng, Anand Vadehra
2000 Tram Hoang
2001 Matthew Sturm
2002 Alton Lam, Vladmir Simov
2003 Mark Cheng, Andrew Sturm
2004 Andrew Grabovick, John Markiewicz
2005 Eric Rus
2006 En-Chi Lin and Helen Gerardi
2007 Stephen Lantz
2008 Jun Liang, Robert Robinson and David Spritzer
2009 Elizabeth Millings, Taemee Pak
2010 Michael Yoon
2011 James Pastore
2012 Margarita Milton, Theodore Hueckel
2013 Hui Gao
2014 Lidor Foguel, Stephen Grant
2015 Edward Miller
2016 Joshua Farr
2017 Christopher Giuliano
2018 Kevin Tan
2019 Hongrui He, Chloe Savino
2020 Abbigayle Cuomo, Piyusha Lotlikar