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Class Schedules - 2023/2024


FALL SESSION 2023 (Aug 28-Dec 21): COURSE SCHEDULE (effective 8/30/2023)

             FALL EXAM DATES (midterm and final exams) => CLICK HERE


WINTER SESSION 2024 (January 2-20, 2024)

CHE 327: Organic Chemistry Laboratory 

(2 credits, TWTF 8:30am-12:30pm or TWTF 1:00-5:00pm,  + asynchronous online lecture; Lab experiments are in-person.   In-person theory quizzes from 12:15-1:15 PM on Tues, Jan 9 and Wed,  Jan 17.  The lab is in-person and the lecture will be online asynchronously. Students must be prepared to conduct first experiment on the 1st day (Jan 2).

Course Syllabus (TBD)

Offered online lecture with in-person lab. Techniques of isolating and handling organic substances, including biological materials. A one-semester course that provides a basic organic laboratory experience. It is recommended that students take CHE 327 at the same time, when available as or immediately following CHE 322 or 332. Four laboratory hours and one lecture hour per week. Not for credit in addition to CHE 383.



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