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Ribbon Cutting of the SMART Cluster

Monday, November 4, 2019
CEWIT, Stony Brook, NY

Please join us for a Ribbon Cutting of the SMART Cluster ( Strategic Machine-Learning Acceleration and Ray Tracing Cluster). The SMART Cluster is a dual use GPU Cluster, for both machine-learning and visualization, which is the fastest among New York State academic institutions.  It utilizes over 180 NVIDIA RTX6000 GPUs with an aggregate peak performance of 3 Peta (quadrillion) FLOPS (32 bit Floating-point Operations Per Second) and 24 tensor Peta FLOPS, which dramatically boost productivity of deep learning applications than ever before.

The SMART Cluster is also the first hardware-accelerated ray-tracing cluster for real-time cinematic-quality rendering driving our freshly upgraded Reality Deck 2.0, the largest immersive display in the world with 1.5 billion pixels, as well as our new Silo, a cylindrical immersive stereo display with 0.6 billion pixels.

The SMART Cluster is available to all Stony Brook faculty and students as well as to any corporation, from smart manufacturing to financial to high tech, in need of powerful AI-enhanced computational capabilities, dramatically accelerated machine learning training and inference, high-end visual computing and analytics, and accelerating of data-intensive and compute-intensive processes. Access is provided through remote portals of foundational libraries for parallel tensor computations and high-performance GPU cluster environments.  


Silo  Deck

Smart Cluster