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Stony Brook University Student Group Tour

Friday, September 13, 2019

Doors open at 1pm

Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) at Stony Brook University
1500 Stony Brook Rd
Stony Brook, NY



CEWIT is hosting a tour exculsively for select Stony Brook University Student Groups: SBCS (Stony Brook Computing Society), WiCS (Women in Computer Science), SWE (Society of Women in Engineering) and the Stony Brook Robotics Team.

The tour will include talks from industry and academia speakers, an open house with select CEWIT incubator companies and demos of our Virtual CAVE and Reality Deck. Transportation is available through the Stony Brook R&D shuttle.

Space is limited and registration is required.  Walk-ins will not be permitted.
You must be a current Junior, Senior or Graduate Stony Brook University student to attend.
Due to space and time restrictions, Freshman and Sophomore students are not permitted. 


Some of the featured CEWIT incubator companies participating  in the open house are IPVideo Corporation, Manufacturing and Technology Resource Consortium (MTRC)Qunnect LLC, Softheon, Sunrise Technology, Inc. and Zebra Technologies. They will speak about their company, the resources available to them, why they became a CEWIT incubator company and the opportunities they offer. More companies will be annouced as we get closer! 


The Virtual CAVE demos are limited to a small amount of students. If you are interested  in seeing the demo you must select a time slot within the registration form. Availability is first come first serve. The CAVE is a 5-sided enclosed visualization environment that uses pairs of high-resolution projectors to create stereoscopic images around the user.
*Please note: people prone to motion sickness or are claustrophobic should be aware this is an enclosed small space with a virtual headset. 


The Reality Deck is the world's first immersive gigapixel resolution display, offering more than 1.5 billion pixels. The goal is to break barriers in data visualization and help scientists deal with the challenges presented by the massive datasets of today and tomorrow. The Reality Deck is open to all attendees.