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Seventh Annual Hack@CEWIT to Resume Live March 3-5

Do you enjoy collaborating with friends and creating inovative entrepreneurial projects in just 40 hours?  Do you enjoy great tech workshops? Do you enjoy fun game activities and good food? Are you a currently enrolled  student of a college or university? 

If you answered yes to these questions, learn more about the in-person 2023 Hack@CEWIT!

Project Showcase

student team working on VR project

We invite community members and K-12 population to attend the culmination of Hack@CEWIT 2023, the Project Showcase, on Sunday, March 5, 10AM to 12PM. 

Families, students, and members of the community who attend will be able to interact with the undergraduates, faculty mentors, industry representatives, see the STEM-centered projects demonstrated by the students, and experience high-tech offerings within CEWIT.

The event is free, but preregistration is required.

Learn More Here!


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Hack@CEWIT Testimonials

"Hack@CEWIT was a great experience, I especially enjoyed meeting the MLH representatives, workshop hosts, and everyone involved. I am glad WiCS got to be a part of this year's CEWIT Hackathon." - Sammi Lin, SBU WiCS

"Having the opportunity to exercise my position as the vice-president of Farmingdale Coding Society (soon to become the new SUNY Farmingdale ACM chapter) has felt nothing less than a privilege. Presenting to people with the capacity and drive to learn more is uncommon, and I'm also looking forward to the next iteration.Thank you Chris and Clifford for having our small-time club at your carefully thought-out event." - Mke Odnis, Farmingdale Coding Society

"The staff is the top notch and the best at everything they do. I say they are the sweeter than barber shop employees. Thank you to Jon, the other staff, mentors, and volunteers! It was great to socialize with people too! Workshops were phenomenal and very well hosted and informative." - Hassan Zafar, Hack@CEWIT 2023 hacker