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Dan Wang
Associate Professor
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dan Wang is currently an associate professor at Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is an expert in computer networking, and he is recently working in the inter-discipline domains of smart energy systems,industry 4.0. He publishes extensively in top networking conferences, such as ACM SIGCOMM, ACM SIGMETRICS, IEEE INFOCOM and in top inter-discipline conference, such as ACM e-Energy, ACM Buildsys. He won the Best Paper Award of ACM e-Energy 2018, the Best Paper Award of ACM Buildsys 2018. He will serve as the TPC co-Chair of ACM e-Energy 2020. He has extensive experience in applied research. His platform SPET won the TechConnect Global Innovation Award 2017, and part of the technology was adopted by Henderson Ltd.

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Industry AIOps: Case Studies and Experiences in Data Driven Industry Operations

With the success of AI technologies, recently, we see extensive advocation on applying AI technologies into industry production, operation and maintenance, or the so-called Industry 4.0. Landing such a concept into practice is not straightforward, however. It seems to be a case by case study in different industry sectors; and it heavily involves interdisciplinary knowledge. In this talk, we will present two case studies, one on data driven industry production and one on data driven industry operations. We also discuss some thinking in common design patterns of applying AI technologies in industry.