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Hidekazu Taoka, PhD
Executive Director of Corporate Division
DOCOMO Healthcare, Inc. 

Mr. Taoka has been working in the mobile communications industry since April 2000. He was named Director of Corporate Department and a member of the board at DOCOMO Healthcare in June 2018. He has been responsible for corporate management and strategy as well as development and operation of healthcare platform called Watashi-Move. Before getting into the healthcare domain, he assisted President and CEO’s internal and outside activities as a secretary of NTT DOCOMO in the President Office from 2013 to 2017. Prior to that position, he was based in Munich, Germany from 2010 to 2013 and played a leading role in identifying the fifth-generation (5G) key technologies in an EU funded research project in which more than 20 partners participated throughout EU. Mr. Taoka has an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2018), MS in Physical Science from Kyoto University (2000) and Ph.D in Electrical Communication Engineering from Tohoku University (2009).

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Expectation and Reality of Japanese Health Tech Market

The Japanese market is leading the world in terms of super-aging and the high expectation for the health tech solutions to reduce the total social security expense in Japan. He will also explain a few bottleneck factors to stunt the growth and conclude with some possible ideas on how to solve the issues.

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