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Florence D. Hudson
Founder & CEO

Florence Hudson is Founder & CEO of FDHint, LLC, consulting in advanced technologies and diversity & inclusion. Her areas of expertise include artificial intelligence, big data & analytics, blockchain, connected healthcare, cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), and Smart Cities. Formerly IBM Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Internet2 Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, and an aerospace engineer at Grumman and NASA, she is Special Advisor for TrustedCI - the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence at Indiana University, and Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub at Columbia University. She serves on Boards for Princeton, Cal Poly, and Stony Brook University, and Blockchain in Healthcare. She leads IEEE working groups for Clinical Internet of Things and Blockchain. She is editor in Chief for a new book from Springer Nature on “Women Securing the Future with TIPPSS for IoT: Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety, Security for the Internet of Things”. She graduated from Princeton University with a BSE in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, with executive education at Harvard Business School and Columbia University.

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Harnessing Advanced Technology Innovations Today and into the Future

Advanced technology innovations are disrupting our world, while aspiring to improve the human experience. The Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics, are all part of this evolving landscape. IoT is everywhere, in your homes, cars, labs, and lives. The leverage of all these technology innovations for connected healthcare is a rapidly growing and evolving field, as we journey toward precision medicine and the quest to continually improve health outcomes. From the Internet of Medical Things to computational approaches for cancer, there are efforts around the world to improve outcomes with technology. Connected devices and systems, including wearables and implantables, can be hacked, so we must work as a community to increase the Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety and Security (TIPPSS) of the devices, data and humans. We will discuss how to harness the power of advanced technology innovations, while securing the future, including leading standards work in TIPPSS for clinical IoT data and device interoperability, in the evolving and exciting frontier of computational medicine.

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