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Raju Gottumukkala
Director of Research of Informatics Research Institute & Professor
Univesity of Louisiana Lafayette

Dr. Raju Gottumukkala is the Director of Research of Informatics Research Institute and AAMA/LEQSF Regents Assistant Professor with the College of Engineering at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His research interests are in the areas of cyber-physical systems, distributed computing and data mining. He has over 40 publications, and has experience leading various research & development efforts amounting to $7M in the domains of big data, disaster management and cyber-physical system security. He also serves as the associate editor for Springer’s Data-Enabled Discovery and Applications.

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VAStream: A Visual Analytics System for Fast Data Streams

Processing high-volume, high-velocity data streams is an important big data problem in many science, engineering, and technology domains. There are many big data frameworks and tools that offer low-latency stream processing at scale. However, the visualization and user-interaction components of these systems are limited to visualizing the outcome of stream processing results. In this talk, I will discuss VAStream, an NSF funded big data infrastructure supports fast machine learning and interactive visualization of data streams. I will also present two real-world streaming applications that use VAStream.