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Ambassador Ido Aharoni
Global Distinguished Professor/Principal
NYU/Emerson Rigby Ltd.

Ambassador Ido Aharoni is a Global Distinguished Professor for International Relations at NYU, a member of  International Advisory Council, APCO Worldwide, a 25-year veteran of Israel’s Foreign Service, a public diplomacy specialist, and is a co-founder and principal at Emerson Rigby, where he developed their core methodology R-SWIM. He served 25 years in the Israeli Foreign Service, ending as the longest served Israeli Consul to NY. In 2016, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio proclaimed July 29th, 2016, as “Ambassador Ido Aharoni Day” in New York.

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Marketing in the Age of the New Participant

The information revolution has given rise to the emergence of  Participatory Culture  characterized by unprecedented access to media in today’s ubiquitous digital environment. The innumerable hours participants spend connected to new technologies, devices and ideas, have fundamentally shaped the way they think, process information and experience life. While most analysts refer to this phenomenon in generational terms (millennial-centered marketing for example), new data collected globally indicates that there is a new type of cross-generational consumer emerging, not necessarily defined by chronological age:  The New Participant . In this talk, New York University  Professor and non-product branding expert Ido Aharoni, will share these fascinating findings and their implications for the business world. 

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