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***Advance Payment Required***

All visitors are required to pay in advance for any stay at CVB or use of our services (based on the preliminary invoice or Proforma). 

Two methods of payment are available:

• Wire transfer to the CVB bank account. Wire transfers should be completed no later than one month prior to your visit, except groups larger than 5 people (wire transfers of 50% completed 2 months before your arrival).

• Cash payment on-site in Ariary. We cannot accept other currency (USD, Euros). Cash payment must be made upon your arrival at CVB. 

The advance payment based on the preliminary invoice will be adjusted as needed during your stay. Depending on your use of CVB resources (e.g., number of days spent at station, services used) extra charges (or decreased charges) may apply. 

Sorry, but we cannot accept credit card payments at this time. Please let us know which payment method you intend to use. 

CVB Station Fees
Filmmakers/Courses/Visitors: $80.00 per person per day 
Executive Private Room: $80.00 per person per day
Research professors or non-students: $55.00 per person per day 
Student researchers: $35.00 per person per day 

Station fees include: three meals per day; lodging in Namanabe dormitory or tent site (shared bedroom and shower/toilet facilities); access to all CVB facilities, including internet, computer laboratory, library, data bases, hot showers, potable water, and laboratory. Additional costs apply for use of the conference room (for workshops or conferences), other space rental, vehicles, technicians, equipment, logistics and administration (see details elsewhere on the website, or inquire).

Making reservations at CVB and preliminary invoice:
Researchers or visitors wishing to base projects or visits at CVB should contact us well in advance (especially for groups larger than 5 people) to assure that we can accommodate you during your projected trip. Once space availability is confirmed we can make reservations for you.

Inquiries should be sent via email to the following addresses (please include all of these in your inquiry):


Please have the following information available when you contact us and include all of it in your first communication (please see requirements elsewhere for sponsoring of Malagasy students and professors, and include them in your inquiry):

• Main contact for your project (usually the head of a research project)
• Institution and status (student, professor) of the main contact
• Your major professor or faculty advisor, if you are a student researcher
• Your degree status if you are a student (e.g., MS or PhD candidate)
• Total number of researchers/visitors in your group (including the main contact) and the institutions and status of each
• Total number of Malagasy students or professionals accompanying your group
• Your projected arrival date at CVB and projected departure date.

If you anticipate using remote campsites in Ranomafana National Park or visiting other sites during your stay, please give us a preliminary itinerary so that we can assess accommodations and prepare a preliminary invoice for you.

• Your projected needs for other CVB facilities or personnel (research technicians, vehicles, expedition logistics, equipment rental, etc.)

• A brief outline of your research project or (preferred) a copy of your grant proposal. A proposal is required to obtain research permits from the Malagasy government (see elsewhere on this website) and CVB should be provided with an electronic copy of it as soon as it becomes available.

Based on the information you provide to us, we will prepare a preliminary invoice of estimated costs for your stay. The preliminary invoice will help you with budgeting costs and also will be the basis for advance payment. Once you receive the preliminary invoice, please keep us apprised of changes in numbers of personnel or scheduling, or other major changes in your plans.

Final Payment
All CVB charges based on the final invoice must be paid before researchers depart from CVB. Cash payment of additional charges is expected for any charges over the amount initially paid or wired based on the preliminary invoice. Any refunds due to the researcher will be paid in ariary. Unpaid bills will be assessed 2% interest on the invoice amount for each month that the payment is overdue.

Fee payment schedule for 5 or fewer people in a group:

• For researchers or visitors staying 3 months or less: Advance payment of the total estimated expenses based on the preliminary invoice is required. Cost adjustments (additional charges or refunds) are made at the end of your stay, with a final invoice provided.

• For researchers staying more than 3 months: Advance payment of the total estimated expenses based on the preliminary invoice for the first three months of your stay is required. Thereafter, monthly bills are applied and must be paid upon receipt each month. Cost adjustments (additional charges or refunds) are made monthly after the first 3 months, with a final invoice provided upon each payment.

Fee payment for groups of more than 5 people:
For groups or research teams larger than 5 people we require a down-payment of 50% (via wire transfer) of the preliminary invoice at least 2 months prior to expected arrival. The remainder will be due one month prior to arrival (for wire transfers) or in cash upon arrival, following the "3-month protocol" outlined above (Fee payment schedule for 5 or fewer people). Cancellations of group reservations less than a month before arrival will be charged 50% of the preliminary invoice amount.

Cash Management
To help manage finances, and to avoid the need to keep large amounts of cash on your person, CVB can deposit grant or other funds in our general account under your name. These funds are available for researchers to charge expenditures against, or for cash advances when necessary (e.g., for travel away from CVB). We can provide a statement of your account with 2 days notice.

Prior to your arrival at CVB
At least two weeks before your arrival at CVB, please email us (addresses above) to confirm your arrival plans (we know that researchers sometimes change schedules). At this time, please give us the following information:

• Confirm the number of people in your party and their sex ratio (our dorm rooms sleep 4 to a room and we accommodate as efficiently as we can, but cannot guarantee specific arrangements).

• Any special dietary needs or food allergies of all people in your party (vegetarian, vegan, carnivore)
• An emergency contact for each person in your party
• Any medical issues we should be aware of in case of emergency (e.g., drug allergies)

MICET (micet@moov.mg) handles all aspects of transportation between Antananarivo and CentreValBio. Please contact them directly for details and costs. Cancellation fees apply to non-researcher visitors and courses (50% of the invoice amount) after a reservation has been made and the preliminary invoice paid.

MICET Facilitation Services »

Our costs currently are all-inclusive for the facilities use and meals listed above. We cannot accommodate requests for single items from our resources except lunch or dinner paid on an a la carte basis and with at least one day advance reservation. Tours of the CVB facilities accompanied by a staff member are available for a nominal fee and must be scheduled in advance (see separate section on the website). Otherwise, the CVB campus and facilities are not open to non-residents of the facility.

Lectures and special guided tours/discussions by CVB staff members are available to groups at additional cost (see details elsewhere on the website). Researchers should be aware of, and incorporate into their budgeting, costs for Malagasy student and professor participation in their research plan. Please contact MICET for these details, and check on the costs for your assigned student once you know that assignment. Costs for student support vary among university departments.

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