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Welcome to Centre ValBio

Centre ValBio works to protect Madagascar’s unique and biologically diverse ecosystems through conservation science and projects that directly benefit the local people, including rural health care delivery. CVB has a world-class research station sited on the edge of Madagascar's beautiful and abundant Ranomafana National Park. Under the direction of world-renowned primatologist Patricia Wright, Centre ValBio facilitates hands-on science to sustain the resources and people of Madagascar. In collaboration with villagers, we're expanding the frontiers of knowledge while safeguarding biodiversity for future generations.


Patricia Wright is a Natural World Hero »

PBS News Hour »
Climate change is starving the greater bamboo lemur, the most endangered primate in the world, according to a study co-authored by Patricia Wright in Current Biology.

Eco-Warriors: An Interview with Patricia Wright »

IMAX Tribute to Patricia Wright »
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Nosy Maitso, a film by Daniel Roper Jones, highlights conservation education programs at Centre ValBio.


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