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Cyclone Ava Relief Fund

Please Respond to the CVB Community Crisis in Madagascar

Earlier this month, Cyclone Ava made landfall on the east coast of Madagascar. Within 48 hours, the storm left 20,000 people displaced and 36 dead. The storm caused significant flooding throughout the southeast region of the country. Many villages have been isolated by flood waters and mudslides, with bridges along the main road washed away, making it impassable in many places.

Five villages in the northeastern part of Ifanadiana District were most heavily affected, with over 1,000 homes destroyed and 16 schools toppled, displacing approximately 6,000 people. Hundreds of acres of crops were ruined, effectively demolishing the livelihood of most families in the area. These food sources will not be able to provide crops again for at least three months.

The Deputy District Chief of Ifanadiana is organizing a humanitarian response effort and requests assistance from the partners on the ground. Please help CVB respond to the needs of the communities affected by this devastating cyclone. Immediate action is necessary to prevent further suffering among those affected. Cyclone Ava is the first major storm of the 2018 cyclone season, and at least four more are predicted to hit the country before the season ends in April.

Initial Need Assessment

The initial assessment indicates that at least $200,000 is urgently needed to respond to the crisis in Ifanadiana District. Because the state of the situation is changing rapidly, the funding needs are still being evaluated and may increase. Funding received will be used, at the discretion of the program director, to support the communities where the Stony Brook University conservation and health programs are implemented. 

Ways to Contribute to the Cyclone Ava Emergency

Check: Check should be made to Stony Brook Foundation. Please include “Cyclone Ava” in the memo and mail your contribution to:

ICTE, Stony Brook University
SBS Room N-203
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4310

Online: Please visit:

Thank you!



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