Working to protect lemurs and the forests they depend on since 1986.

The Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments (ICTE) was established by Dr. Patricia Wright in 1991 to encourage and promote scientific research, training and conservation in the tropics. ICTE trains scientists at all levels through field-based courses, collaborations, and academic exchanges, organizes and conducts biodiversity research and ecological assessments of tropical ecosystems, and coordinates and catalogs the work of over 800 natural and social scientists with a particular emphasis on research work at Ranomafana National Park (RNP) in Madagascar.

ICTE maintains offices and staff at Stony Brook University in the U.S. as well as  Antananarivo and Ranomafana in Madagascar. These offices provide logistical support to universities and researchers from around the world who are planning and carrying out research at Centre ValBio, ICTE's research campus located adjacent to RNP, and other parts of Madagascar.

Since 1996, ICTE has been coordinating a Study Abroad to Madagascar program for undergraduate students from across the United States. 2008 Study Abroad alumnus Daniel Roper-Jones was inspired to produce an educational video during his semester in Madagascar. The video, Nosy Maitso, was recently awarded the Merit for Conservation by the International Film Festival committee. 

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