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Diversity Month Winners

October 2017

The first winner is the Chávez Hall Resident Assistant (RA) Staff for their program, Si Se Puede. In this program, the Chávez Hall Staff collaborated with the on-campus and off-campus organizations to host a series of events educating residents on the history of César Chávez, prominent Hispanic feminists throughout history, and how to dance Cha-Cha and Bachata.

The second winner is the Ammann College Resident Assistant (RA) Staff  for their program, Ammann Pride Week. In this week-long series of events, the Ammann College Staff educated and engaged residents with Tie-Dye-Versity, LGBTQIA* Trivia, and Free Expression Spray Paint.

November 2017

The winner is   I   AM   THAT   GIRL  Student Organization   for their program,  Bring Your Own Human Night.  In this program,  I AM THAT GIRL hosted the “Bring Your Own Human Night” to openly welcome the entire Stony Brook community to their organization. They encouraged their regular members to bring “their own human” to welcome them to the wonderful community. Audience members went around the circle stated their names and pronouns, and shared something about themselves that made them proud. Upon the completion of this activity, they had an in-depth conversation about the inclusion of transgender women in the discussion of collective womanhood. They included specific examples in history, such as the trans women of color who made an impact in the 20th century, at events such as the Stonewall riots of 1969.

December/January 2017

The first winner for December/January and the theme of (Dis)Abililty is   Resident Assistant (RA) Julie Hedger  from Dreiser College   for her program,  Talk with Your Hands.  In this program, Julie taught residents of Dreiser College how to speak American Sign Language.

The second winner for December/January and the theme of Diversity of Religions is the  Gershwin College Resident Assistant (RA) Staff   for their program,   Hall-O-Days.   In this program, each of the Gershwin College staff members educated residents about different holidays that occur in around the same time, including Christmas,   Hanukkah , Kwanzaa, Festivus, Lunar New Year, and   Haitian  New Year/Independence Day.

February 2018

The first winner for February and the theme of Healthy Relationships is the   Benedict College Resident Assistant (RA) Staff for their program,   Benedict Safe Sex Week.   In this series of events, the staff of Benedict College educated students about consent, contraception, and Love Languages through creative discussions and trivia. 

The second winner for February and the theme of Black History Month is the   Cadence Step Team for their program,   Back to the Culture. In this program, the Executive Board members put an educational spin on their annual semi-formal gala by presenting on topics such as art, music, US/International activism, fashion, and cultural appropriation as they relate to Black culture. They also featured live performances by fellow Stony Brook University students. 

  March 2018

The winner is: Benedict RA Staff for their program, The Woke Cafe: Here's to Women. The Benedict RA's have created a soapbox discussion series that touched on many different topics around social justice.  At The   Woke   Cafe , RA's set up a coffee and tea bar and invited residents to come and discuss a certain topic. March's   Woke Cafe  was entitled "Here's to Women" and was ran by RA's Lynn, Beth, Kevin, and Sana. This specific soapbox focused on women that inspire and empower us in our lives. Some residents chose to tell the stories of their mothers and grandmothers, while others spoke about their friends or mentor.

April 2018

The winner is Model Minority.   This program  consisted of creating an open discussion on cultural stereotypes and their effects on the  perception of disability and mental health within Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi-American  communities. The audience learned about the model minority myth, its negative impact on the  APIDA community, and how the myth ties into how disability and mental health are viewed in the  APIDA community.


September 2018

(Theme: Intro to Social Justice) Resident Assistant, Lindsay DeFilippis from Chávez Hall for the program - This is America. Speak English? This program encouraged students to think critically about language in America. Through a discussion of sociolinguistics and multilingualism, students tackled the sociopolitical implications of an "English Only" mindset and dissected legacies of colonialism.

(Theme: Intro to Social Justice) Resident Assistant, Bethany Smith from Benedict College for the program - Tie-Dye(versity). This program introduced students to the use of pronouns, different types of identities, and issues within the LGBTQIA* community such as poor media representation and bi-erasure.


October 2018

(Theme: Hispanic Heritage) Francis Masi from James College Hall Council for the program -  Day of the Dead Celebration. This program educated students on the cultural and historical significance of this holiday.

(Theme: LGBTQIA*)Alexander  Sandage, Residence Hall Director from Baruch College for the program - Love, Simon. This program brought awareness to National Coming Out Day. Students reflected on the challenges of coming out and tackled concepts of acceptance and belonging.


Congratulations to our winners!