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Calendar runs September-April. If you have an event for any of those months, please submit it.






Browse the tabs below in order to see prior events and to keep up with upcoming programming. Also click below to submit your own event. 

  • January/December
    •   Hall-O-Days (December 3rd @ 7:30pm in Gershwin Lounge) 

    Hall-O-Days promotes the diversity of different religions and their holidays celebrated in the month of December. The Gershwin RA staff will represent some of these holidays and will practice some fun traditions that they celebrate!

      • Kindness: The Language Which the Deaf Can Hear and the Blind Can See (December 4th @ 8:30pm in James Collge)  

    Learn what it feels like to be visually or hearing impaired by performing simple everyday tasks, while blindfolded or with earplugs. Then, stick around to watch an episode of the show Switched at Birth that has no sound and is from the point of view of a deaf person, and see how they use sign language to communicate throughout the entire episode.

    • Dinner in the Dark (January 11 @9pm in Langmuir Lounge)

    We will be trying to educate people on what it is like to complete tasks with given different strengths and abilities. Some of these events will include a "Dinner in the Dark" and other events that inhibit residents from using certain senses that they're accustomed to using. 

    • Child Development & the Stony Brook Community (January 24 @ 7pm in Chapin Commons)

    Across campus and within our Stony Brook community, there are many individuals who serve as students and parents. This program is geared towards helping those who are either parents or caretakers of children learn about possible developmental delays. This program will be an inservice to educate on what and how developmental delays can present in children and how through play and daily activities, they can create better outcomes for their children in terms of their physical, social and emotional needs. Parents play with their children everyday, the goal is to change aspects of those activities to help make it therapeutic and beneficial for the developing child.


  • February
    •  What is Black?  (February 9 @ 8pm in GLS Center)

    Discussion on the different struggles black people face in America. What being black means to people in and outside of the country. What is the meaning of Black culture?

    • Love Yourself  (February 14 @ 8pm in Sanger College)

    Celebrate Valentine's Day by making valentines for yourself and your loved ones while learning about the importance of self care and healthy relationships. 

    • Black Excellence Series (February 14 @ 8pm in Chavez Multipurpose Room)

    The RA's of Chavez Hall are hosting a month long Black Excellence Series in celebration of Black History Month. We are featuring a Black history documentary, raising awareness of the criminalization of African Americans. We will also be hosting a guest speaker, who will discuss contemporary issues in a group style. We also invite our residents to enjoy a cultural dance group. These events will be spread throughout the month. The purpose of this celebration is to bring together vital knowledge of history with the richness of black culture in a way that is both educational and fun!

    • Afro-American Music Trivia Night (February 15 @ 8pm in Stimson College Lounge)

    What are the names of the members of the Jackson 5? This rhythm scheme has been used in everything from Led Zeppelin and James Brown to the Power Puff Girls theme song. In teams, participants will be challenged to answer Afro-American music trivia with random twists and turns throughout the night that will keep everyone on their toes!

    • Civil Rights Then and Now (February 16 @ 8pm in GLS Center)

    Take a blast to the past and see where the Civil Rights movement began and where we're at now in 2018. From police brutality to the new Jim Crow, what's happening NOW to support Black Lives?

    • Get Out Movie Screening (February 17 @ 7:30pm in Sanger College Classrom)

    Celebrate Black History Month by watching Get Out and participating in a discussion regarding the film and its themes as well as its significance.

    • Black Graduate Student Organization Presents: Stereotype Threat - Mental Health in the Black and Brown Community (February 20 @ 2pm in SAC Ballroom B)

    Join us for an expert panel and discussion on the phenemona of stereotype threat and its implications for Black and Brown students. Using Claude Steele's lecture as a departure point, experts will tackle what it means to be a person of color in college or in academia. It will also explore questions of activism and the role of white supremacy in the construction of systems. 

    • Define the Relationship (February 22 @ 8pm in Stimson College Lounge)

    Are you in a relationship? You probably are! This discussion-based event will explore the importance of friendships and other "ships", specifically relationships other than those of a romantic or sexual nature.

    • Back to the Culture (February 22 @ 7:30pm in SAC Ballroom A)

    Back to the Culture, a Black History Month Gala, presented by Cadence Step Team showcases the progression of Black Excellence.

    • On Being Black: The Black American Deam (February 23 @ 7pm in Tabler Blackbox 110)

    On Being Black: the B.A.D. will be a night of exploration, conversation, and celebration of the trials, tribulations, and experiences that come along with being a Black individual in America. Performances and food will also be served at the event. 

    KIKI Film Screening and Analysis (February 26 @ 7pm in SAC Auditorium)

    Join LGBTQ* Services for a film screening of KIKI, followed by analysis

    • Black History End of the Month Celebration (March 1 @ 8pm in GLS Center

    Come celebrate African-American legends in this renaissance themed end of the month celebration.


  • March
    • Diversity Film Series (March 1 @ 6:00pm in West E Commons)

    Join us for a discussion on gender roles as we watch clips from the documentary Miss Representation This film explores how media sells the idea that women's value lies in their youth, beauty, and sexuality and that men learn that their success it tied to dominance, power and aggression. Moderator: Tiffany Bermudez, Apartment Living Coordinator. Hosted by the Diversity & Inclusion Committee

    Trailer :

    • Women Crush Everyday (March 1 @ 7:00pm in Chavez MultiPurpose Room)

    Residents and club members are welcomed to join us as we celebrate women that empower us, and share our appreciation with them by writing letters, tweets, e-mails, and celebrating the strength and power of the women in our lives. Hosted by RA Mahum and the Femnist Majority Leadership Alliance

    • Where are the Men? (March 5 @ 7pm in Chavez Hall Multi-Purpose Room)

    This program is about women of color growing up in households without any father figure and the effects it has on women of color. This will be a program for open discussion and for women to talk about their experiences. Hosted by Campus Residences.
    • Ain't Your Ideal Woman (March 7 @ 7pm in Dreiser College Classroom)

    We will be discussing body, gender, and other social norms that woman face from society. Including topics about what is the 'ideal woman,' how does this affect woman's health, and how this has changed over the years due to our adapting culture and the effect of social media. Sponsored by Campus Residences  

      WOMEN'S HISTORY TRIVIA NIGHT ( March 19, in O'Neill College)

      Join us for a fun night of trivia with the theme of Women's History. Hosted by Campus Residences.
    • Women of Stony Brook Panel (March 20 in O'Neill College)

      Past and present Stony Brook students will be here to answer questions and share their journey to success.  Hosted by Campus Residences.


      Crafts and sex positivity come together in this program! Attendees are invited to decorate tote bags and learn about safe sex practices and sex positivity as it relates to womanhood in celebration of Women's History Month. Tote bags will be filled with condoms to take home at the conclusion of the program!  Hosted by Campus Residences.

    • Screening of Hidden Figures (March 22nd @ 7pm in Sanger Classroom)

    Join us for a screening and discussion of Hidden Figures.  Hosted by Campus Residences.

    • Socioeconomic Monopoly (March 22nd @ 7pm in Stimson College Lounge)

    In the spirit of learning about different socioeconomic identities, residents will play a game of Monopoly… with a twist. Each player will be assigned different rules and limitations based on a color chosen at random that correlates to a different socioeconomic identity. Through this experience, players and other spectators will learn about differences that are not only surface-level, and they will have a new sense of understanding that we have differences beyond the color of our skin.


    • Student Loans: Now What? (March 29 @ 8pm in Hamilton Classroom)

    Worried that your future job isn't going to help you pay off your student loans? Join RA Aura and RHD Julia as they explore the various options available for lessening the burden of educational debt


    Submissions are still open for March Events. Click here to submit.

  • April
    • Diversity Film Series Presents: Vincent Who (Thurs, April 5 @ 7pm in James College Lounge)

    Join us as we watch and discuss VINCENT WHO? This film explores the important legacy of Vincent Chin. Through interviews with activists who worked with Vincent, we see the larger narrative of Asian American history. Particular attention is given to Chinese Exclusion, Japanese American Internment in WWII, the 1992 L.A. Riots, anti-Asian hate crimes, and post-9/11 racial profiling. Moderator: Wylie Cheung, Residence Hall Director

    To get a sneak peek of who Vincent Chin was click here:

    • Sushi Night (Thurs, April 5 @ 7pm in SAC Ballroom A)

    Join the Department of Student Engagement and Activities for a night of making sushi, games and a cultural presentation by the Japanese Student Organization. Seats are limited to 150 students. Sign up here:

    • Desi Me Rollin' (Friday, April 6 @ 7pm in Tabler Blackbox)

    Come celebrate Desi culture with us by enjoying free food, music, henna, and more! We will have activities organized by student cultural, religious, and performance groups, food catered by CulinArt, Curry Club, and Culinary Club and good music for all! Hosted by Campus Residences

    • Get Cultured: Filipino Edition (Tuesday, April 24 @ 8pm in Greeley College Main Lounge)

    Greeley College's newly made GET CULTURED series will start off with the culture of the Philippines! This country's unique traditions will be showcased through Filipino dances involving tinikling sticks (bamboo sticks). After dancing, we'll cool down with a delectable Filipino dessert called Halo-Halo. Come join the GET CULTURED hype, get engaged, and indulge in the wonders different cultures around the world have to offer!

    • In My Skin: Growing up Brown Post 9/11 (Wed, April 25 @ 7pm in Tubman Hall MultiPurpose Room)

    The social implications of 9/11 go beyond hardships endured by Muslim Americans, and impact Desi and Brown people of color alike. Join us as we discuss growing up in a post-9/11, and how the attacks on identity shaped the experiences of Desi Americans from different backgrounds. Sponsored by Campus Residences.

    • Being Asian in America (Wed, April 25 @ 7pm in Roth Cafe Lounge)

    Roth’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee is organizing a panel titled "Being Asian in America." Student panelists will share diverse perspectives and experiences about what it means to be Asian in this country and on this campus. There will also be time for dialogue and Q&A from the audience. Sponsored by Roth's Diversity Committee.

    • Ramen in Ammann (April 29 @7pm in Ammann Kitchen)

    Learn to cook and eat instant ramen while learning the history of how ramen was made to be used to stop world hunger, starting after World War II in Japan. We will also be discussing other parts of the Japanese culture after the war.


     Submissions are now open for April Events. Click here to submit.

  • September
     Submissions are now open for September Events. Click here to submit.
  • October
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  • November
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Make sure to check here frequently for more exciting events at Stony Brook that celebrate diversity!


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