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Resident Assistant DICE Certificate Program

To submit an item for the certificate program please click here

A new initiative started this year  for Resident Assistants. RAs who complete the following requirements by the end of the year will receive recognition at Soiree and a certificate. 

Certificate Status: Complete all  required items

Bronze Status:  Complete all  required items and  2 additional items 

Silver StatusComplete all  required items and  3 additional items

Gold Status:  Complete all  required items and 4 additional items

Required Items

  •  Submit (3) three programs to the Calendar to Promote Diversity & Inclusion
  •  Complete 40 hours of community service
  •  Submit (1) one bulletin board to the Calendar to Promote Diversity & Inclusion
  •  Complete a Diversity or Civic Engagement "Take To"

Additional Items

  • Attend or help with the implementation of  Stony Brook Presents: The Tunnel
  • Participate in and complete the course requirements for Diversity Peer Educators or AIDs Peer Educators
  • Attend a Green Dot or Safe Space Training
  • Attend a Red Watch Band or QPR Training
  •  Help with the implementation of the SANE Center Drive
  •  Visit a diversity center on campus and submit a 200 word reflection on your experience at the center and what you learned.

** Want your initiative or event to be part of our certificate program. Contact the committee at

SANE Center Drive

The initiative is generally during the month of February and  raises awareness in regards to sexual assault on campus and the resources that are accessible to the Stony Brook community. This initiative is also a fundraiser for the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Center located in Stony Brook Hospital. The SANE Center provides medical care and dignity-focused, trauma-informed evidence collection to individuals who have experienced sexual assault. In order to support the SANE Center's efforts, we will be collecting toiletries (i.e., deodorant, toothbrushes,  mini soaps, shampoos, conditioner, toothpaste), new clothing (i.e., sweatpants, t-shirts, underwear, socks),  phone chargers, snacks (i.e., granola bars, mini bags of pretzels), beverages (i.e., mini water bottles, mini Gatorade bottles, cans of soda). These items are often needed in the aftermath of a sexual assault, and having them on hand can make a world of difference to SANE Center visitors. The bins for this collection will be located in each of the residence halls on campus.


Keep an eye out for upcoming events:

Day Of Service

Stony Brook Presents: The Tunnel

Housing Insecurity