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Diversity Month Submissions

The mission of the Committee to Celebrate Diversity is to cultivate a campus environment in which all members can thrive both socially and academically, and where individuals of any identity feel included, safe, and recognized as free and full participants of the Stony Brook University community. To stimulate conversation at Stony Brook about diversity, we encourage RAs and other campus leaders to submit events within three weeks of the initiative's completion for the chance to win monetary awards. These monetary awards support the development of future diversity awareness events. Instructions for submitting events are below.


In order to be eligible to win one of the awards, you must complete an award submission form. You are encouraged to include and attach supporting documentation on the Award Submission Form.

Two events will be chosen each month to win $200 in programming funds! 

The entries are reviewed by both students and professional staff members who look to award those who develop opportunities for members of Stony Brook University across departments, organizations, and personal identities to come together in celebration and education of our diversity month themes.


To nominate your event for our monthly award, please use the:   Award Submission Form