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How to Submit an Event to the Calendar for Diversity & Inclusion

Over the course of an academic year, the Campus Residences Diversity, Inclusion & Civic Engagement (DICE) Committee celebrates events on campus in the realm of Diversity or Civic Engagement. Events that have submitted both a Pre-Event Form and Post Event Form are eligible for a monetary reward, choosen by both students and staff on the DICE Committee. Monetary awards are granted seven times during the academic year and include one passive event prize of $50 and two active event prizes of $200. These funds are to be used to prmote more diversity or civic engagement events and enhance student life through programming and education. 


Prior to your event:

At least two (2) weeks before an active event occurs, a Pre-Event Form should be submitted. This short form collects event information such as time, location, and a general overview / goals of the initiaive. The provided information will then be added to our Calendar of Events and promoted to all of the campus community. It is strongly suggested that you also attach a flyer promoting your event to the form as well. Events submitted after the two week threshold are not guarenteed to be promoted through our Calendar to Promote Diversity & Inclusion and as a result will not be eligible for the monetary prize. 


After your event has occured:

 Within three (3) weeks after an  event has occured a Post Event Form needs to be submitted. This form collects information regarding the outcome of the event, goals and assessment tools, as well as those who collaborated on the event. Once the Post Event form has been submitted, the event is considered to be sumitted for the monetary prize. 


Who can submit to the calendar?

Any student, faculty, or staff member as well as Stony Brook University affiliated organizations or groups can participate in the Calendar to Promote Diversity & Inclusion. For more information about your eligibilty to submit an event to the Calendar to Promote Diversity & Inclusion you may email