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  The Calendar to Promote Diversity and Inclusion   at Stony Brook University promotes inclusive communities by raising awareness around a diverse set of identities and issues, while striving to maintain a socially just environment for students, staff, and faculty. The Calendar focuses on programmatic efforts, civic engagement, and community participation.

While there are many national and international days or months of celebration, the Calendar to Promote Diversity and Inclusion at Stony Brook University does not limit submissions to specific months. Instead, the Calendar to Promote Diversity and Inclusion at Stony Brook University uses these occasions as a way to start the planning process.

Browse our website to see the various ways Stony Brook has celebrated diversity, and to learn how you can, too!


News & Events

Nominating An Event?

To submit an initiative to the Calendar for Diversity & Inclusion click HERE.

Please note submissions must be entered within three weeks of the initiative's end date to be counted for the monetary prize.

 DICE Certificate Program

An exciting new opportunity for RAs to become more involved in Diversity & Civic Engagement. To submit a completed item use this form

For more information click here.


Check back here for the 2019 September winning initiatives announced on October 15. 


April 2019 Winning Initiative

Desi Me Rollin   
Karizma Chhabra - Sanger

To embrace and share Desi culture with the Stony Brook community, RAs Samiha, Karizma, Erynn, Carrie, Kacper, and Ian organized a fun, Bollywood-filled night. To celebrate Desi culture, they focused on multiple aspects such as food, music, dance, and fashion.