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Hiring Research Assistant Volunteer

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Posted on 06/26/2020

We are pleased to  announce that the Blockchain Business Lab (BBL) will collaborate with the New York State Department of Financial Services to support the development of virtual currency-related businesses in New York.

The Blockchain Business Lab (BBL) is seeking a non-paid research assistant (RA) volunteer to  help with creating  a webpage introducing New York’s virtual currency regulation and related trends  in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

The responsibilities of the RA include (1) collecting regulation information from the New York State Department of Financial Services regarding virtual currency; (2)  collecting important blockchain and cryptocurrency websites; (3) drafting a list of questions and answers (Q&A) that cover the most frequent concerns from New York State blockchain business entrepreneurs and investors; and (4) building a webpage to release the collected information.  This research position will provide opportunities for students to learn about the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and to network with governments, businesses, and entrepreneurs in this space. 

We welcome current students at Stony Brook University  with all backgrounds  to apply for this volunteer RA position.  An ideal candidate should be able to work for about 5 hours a week for the fall 2020 semester, and preferably for the spring 2021 semester as well, and should be interested in learning and innovating in the blockchain and cryptocurrency.   Interested students should submit your resume in an email to 

The BBL is housed within the Center of Entrepreneurial Finance in the College of Business at Stony Brook University. The mission of the BBL is to look beyond the technical aspects of blockchain innovations and explore its implications for the business landscape. It enables students from business, sciences, and social sciences, as well as industry partners to explore novel and timely business questions and challenges related to the blockchain.

Look forward to your applications!

Dr. Andrew Xiao, Director of BBL

Dr. Danling Jiang, Co-Director of BBL