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Project Planning, Proposal Production and Submission Support

Our goal is to enable investigators to focus their efforts on technical components of their proposals and associated research. Our services extend to all faculty and centers associated with the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences to provide the best administrative support possible for our faculty. Pre-award services offered include:

Project Planning
  • Assist with identifying and confirming funding opportunities
  • Coordinate pre-proposal/project planning activity - create workplan and timeline, schedule meetings, create and manage meeting agendas, facilitate calls, note-taking, etc.
Proposal Production
  • Define and track proposal schedule and task assignments;
  • Assist or manage the proposal schedule and communications, including a dedicated proposal manager; a proposal checklist, when needed; and access to collaborative software when needed, for secure file sharing and tele-/videoconferencing; 
  • Access to resources for planning and writing non-technical portions of the proposal (e.g., broadening participation, broader impacts, assessment, technology transfer, data management plans, etc); 
  • Access to resources available for proposal drafting and editing (to include temporary technical writing and/or copy editing support), as well as formatting (including charts, graphics, etc.); 
  • Coordinate cost share requests (RSR) with the Dean and OVPR, as needed; 
  • Review or edit proposals for language, coherence, flow;
  • Review or edit non-technical proposal components.
Routing and Submission Support
  • Track, organize, and assemble proposal components for submission.
  • Budget and budget justification preparation (including coordination of subcontract budgets) and internal routing of required documents for department, dean and OSP approvals; 
  • Collection and formatting of CVs, current and pending support forms, conflict-of-interest lists, and other information required from each participating researcher; 
  • Proposal submission via agency websites, and other methods of submission as needed.


Complete the Project Scoping Form to request support for specific project development and grantseeking efforts. We will respond within one business day. For general questions about how the office can support activities, to discuss ideas for projects relating to the cross-cutting initiatives, or that are large-scale, inter- or multi-disciplinary, etc., call x 2.1697 or email .