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Seed Funding

Energy Systems for Sustainability Research

Seed funding in the broad areas of energy and sustainability research capitalizes on Stony Brook University (SBU) and Brookhaven National Lab (BNL) strengths in this field. The goal is to advance collaboration between SBU and BNL and to seed ambitious projects with significant potential. Competition is closed.

The following proposals were selected for funding:

  • Karen Chen-Wiegart, Materials Science and Chemical Engineering  Enabling the Rational Design of 3DPrinted Energy Storage Devices
  • Alexander Orlov, Materials Science and Chemical Engineering  Transforming energy industry by utilizing new nanocatalysts templated by helium droplets
  • Jon Longtin, Mechanical Engineering  Energy-Harvesting Fusion: Integrated Technologies for Optimized Efficiency of Sustainable Energy Systems

Engineering, Physical Sciences and Oncology

The Stony Brook Cancer Center and Stony Brook School of Medicine, in partnership with the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, is pleased to announce pilot funding opportunities at the intersection of Engineering, Physical Sciences and Oncology. Proposals with investigator teams representing different fields (medicine, engineering, physical/bio sciences) will be prioritized. Competition is closed.

The following proposals were selected for funding:

  • Eric Brouzes, Biomedical Engineering, and Jingfang Ju, Pathology  Developing a novel High Throughput Spatial Genomics Technology by In Tissue Barcoding
  • Helmut H. Strey, Biomedical Engineering  Development of Cancer-on-a-chip technology for the in-vivo study of tumor metabolism
  • Flaminia Talos, Urology and Pathology  Identification of gene regulatory networks for direct conversion of fibroblasts into bladder epithelia