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CEAS Names New Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and International Programs:

-- Wei Zhu: AMS Professor and Graduate Program Director --

Professor Thomas Woodson of the Department of Technology and Society The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences is proud to announce that Wei Zhu, Professor and Graduate Program Director in the Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics (AMS), has been named Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and International Programs. 

In her new role as the Associate Dean for faculty affairs, Professor Zhu will have responsibilities over faculty mentoring, retention, promotion, and related operations, and will engage regularly with the Personnel and Policy Procedures Committee (PPC), the Provost’s office, and the CEAS Human Resources Staff.  For international programs, she will work closely with the Office of Global Affairs on partnerships with international institutions and the promotion of international student recruitment and success.

“Wei’s vast experience as an outstanding researcher and scholar, and her commitment to cross-disciplinary collaboration will greatly benefit our faculty and international student population,” said Fotis Sotiropoulos, Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  “She is a welcome addition to the CEAS administrative team and I look forward to the expertise and guidance she will provide in this role.”

Upon receiving her PhD in Biostatistics from UCLA, Zhu joined the Stony Brook faculty in the AMS department in 1996. Since then she has risen through the ranks, and served as Deputy Chair of AMS for seven years, in addition to four years as the Graduate Program Director, overseeing the master program and three graduate certificate programs. She has led the development of the SBU Graduate Program in Data Science (MS + PhD) in close collaboration with colleagues from AMS and the Computer Science Department, as well as the broad University academic community. She has graduated 54 doctoral students in her 24-year tenure at Stony Brook. She is an attentive mentor of young faculty members. She is also the proud faculty advisor of the SBU (undergraduate) actuarial science club.

Her research group has developed statistical methodologies for structural equation modeling, errors in variable regression, experimental designs, and customized machine learning algorithms.  As a seasoned statistician, she collaborates with researchers from several institutions on a diversified range of topics. She has published in journals such as Nature, Nature Communications, PNAS, LANCET, JAMA, JASA, and Bioinformatics. Zhu is a member of the National Academy of Inventors. Her research funding came from NIH, NSF, US Department of Energy, US Department of Education, and New York State. She has served the research community as a Reviewer, an Academic Editor, an Associate Editor, and an Editor-in-Chief. 

“Given my 24-year tenure at Stony Brook University and as someone who collaborates across disciplines, I know there are many brilliant colleagues at CEAS and SBU – I am constantly inspired by their ingenuity, perseverance and success,” said Zhu. “A long time ago, I was an international student myself, and our collective experience taught me the indispensable value of international programs. I look forward to collaborating across campus to serve faculty and students alike in this critical time in our history.”