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CEAS Announces New 2019 Faculty

Five SUNY Empire Innovation Program Professors in AI, Clean Energy and Regenerative Medicine

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences is pleased to introduce our new faculty joining Stony Brook in Fall, 2019.  These include five new hires through funding from the SUNY Empire Innovation Program (EIP), a New York state competitive grant program dedicated to recruiting and retaining world-class faculty at the State University of New York. EIP researchers are leaders in their field, involved in groundbreaking research with a vision of growth for SUNY and their respective fields. 

This year, three of the College’s strategic growth areas were targeted, including:  AI, Regenerative Medicine and Clean Energy.  New faculty include:

Haibin Ling, Computer Science

AI Institute:
Haibin Ling
Computer Science
Areas of expertise: computer vision, medical imaging, human-computer interaction

Michael Ryoo,  Associate Professor,  Computer Science

AI Institute:
Michael Ryoo
Associate Professor
Computer Science
Areas of expertise: deep learning, computer vision & robotics

Zhaozheng Yin,  Associate Professor,  Computer Science

AI Institute:
Zhaozheng Yin
Associate Professor
Computer Science
Biomedical Informatics
Areas of expertise:  computer vision, biomedical imaging, cyber-physical system

Peng Zhang,  Associate Professor,  Electrical and Computer Engineering

Clean Energy
Peng Zhang
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Areas of expertise: Power system, Cybersecurity, Microgrids

Donghui Zhu,  Associate Professor,  Biomedical Engineering

Engineering Driven Medicine
Donghui Zhu
Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Areas of expertise: biomaterial, 3-D printing, functional implants, brain and biomaterials


Additional new faculty joining CEAS departments include:

Stanislav Uryasev, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Stanislav Uryasev
The Frey Family Endowed Chair in Data Sciences
Areas of Expertise: data sciences, deep learning, quantitative finance

Dongyoon Lee, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Computer Science
Dongyoon Lee
Assistant Professor
Areas of expertise: software system, computer structure, operation system

Jun Wang, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering
Jun Wang
Assistant Professor
Areas of expertise: single-cell proteomics, cell-cell interface, cellular imaging

Carrie McDonough, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering
Carrie McDonough
Assistant Professor
Areas of expertise: environmental engineering, mass spectrometry, environmental toxicology, field monitoring