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Renee Moadel

Renee Moadel

Dr. Moadel’s professional interests in Nuclear Medicine include Pediatrics, and the use of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals in oncology, and she has extensive experience in all aspects of nuclear medicine. She is board certified in nuclear medicine, and is certified to administer radioimmunotherapy for lymphoma, selective internal radiation therapy for liver cancers, and an agent to treat painful bony metastases in refractory prostate cancer.

Dr. Moadel also has a special interest in the therapy of thyroid cancer. She attained her MD and Master of Clinical Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where she also completed her Nuclear Medicine, Internal Medicine and PET Fellowship training. 

Renee is a 1987 alumna of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences graduating majoring in three subjects; Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Applied Math.

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