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Lawrence E. Noonan Scholarship

The Lawrence E. Noonan Scholarship has been established by the Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences in honor of Larry’s dedication and service to the College. Larry firmly believed that every student should have the opportunity to pursue a college education and that lack of finances should not be a deterrent. One $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a CEAS major who is in good academic standing who has financial need. 

To qualify for the Lawrence E. Noonan Scholarship, interested students must:

A. Be enrolled as a full time undergraduate student in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences for the full academic year (BOTH the fall and the spring semesters)

B. Be in good academic standing

C. Indicate financial need

Interested candidates should submit the following documents:

1. A completed application form

2. A one-page statement outlining personal and professional goals. This statement should also address any financially-related difficulties or circumstances that may potentially impede their ability to continue with their academic studies in the CEAS.

3. A resume


(link only available during scholarship submission period) 


Important Notes:

All scholarship awards are subject to renewal of the scholarship by the donor and receipt of funding for these awards.

If selected to receive this scholarship, you will be required to furnish this office with a letter of thanks to the donor of the scholarship. Details will be specified in the scholarship offer letter.


Students who are in their graduate career of an accelerated degree program are ineligible to receive an undergraduate scholarship award.