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Belonging is a Feeling, not a Destination.


As part of Stony Brook University’s commitment to its core values of inclusion, while advancing and upholding the highest standards of practice in diversity and equity (DEI), we have partnered with Inheritance Project to bring you a special interactive workshop to learn inclusive leadership skills, strengthen our community, and offer a transformative process of self-inquiry. This is a special opportunity for our community of colleagues, leaders and students to connect on a human level, care for our culture with intention and level up our leadership skills at the same time.






What is Unpack Your Inheritance?


Unpack Your Inheritance is an innovative, workshop that teaches inclusive leadership skills, through the lens of inheritance. 

*Inheritance (n): 

A new definition - ancestry, culture, beliefs, values, social conditions, stories, traits and perspectives received from past generations.


About This Workshop

Unpack Your Inheritance is an immersive virtual experience that invites you to explore, unpack, and exchange stories about your inheritance*. Your inheritance is more than the physical items passed from one generation to the next. It is the accumulation of your unique lived experiences that shapes the individual you are. In this interactive, multi-sensory workshop, you will cultivate self-awareness, build trust and develop a greater capacity to connect with those who are different from you. By becoming aware of our own inheritance and identity, we begin to understand others on a deeper level. Through this guided exploration you will become empowered to lead with empathy, bridge divides, and collaborate more effectively with diverse groups.


Do you...

        •    Want practical tools to help your team or co-workers better communicate and collaborate?  


      •    Want a work environment that invites more empathy, connection, and inclusivity, while simultaneously making your meetings more productive?


    •    Want to feel more comfortable confidently engaging in conversations around topics of diversity, identity, and inclusion at work?


    •    Want to level up your skills as a leader, team member, and facilitator?


  •    Feel curious about your co-workers' background, culture, and life experiences but feel awkward or inappropriate asking?




What will you receive from this experience? 

Six practical inclusive leadership tools you can start using immediately to help you build trust, inclusivity, and a culture of belonging with any group

A simple framework to have productive conversations about inclusion and identity at work.                                                                                                              

A deeper understanding of yourself and how your identity shapes how you lead, think, collaborate and communicate.              

A unique opportunity to connect with your work community and learn one another's real stories                                                                                                

Greater confidence to engage in conversations about diversity, inclusion and identity at work





Meet the Facilitators


How to Register for UYI Workshop

To schedule a workshop for Faculty, Staff and Students, please complete the form using the following link.

If you have any questions or inquiries, contact Dr. Usama M. Shaikh at, Assistant Chief Diversity Officer, Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives (DI3).