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Diversity Plan in Action

June 24, 2020

Dear Campus Community and Partners,

As we navigate these racially tumultuous times, it can become difficult to distinguish performative allyship from authentic and genuine intentions that lead to meaningful change. Therefore, it is important that you know that Stony Brook University is fully committed to providing a just, equitable, and humane campus community through our service, activism, and pedagogy in both individual and collaborative efforts. I am going to continue with the mantra that we are all life-time learners and, “when you know better, you do better… then you are better!”

diversity plan chartMy style is analytical, which means I tend to create physical models of strategies, particularly when something is complex. Case in point, here is our beloved research model as a thought process for robust diversity, equity & inclusion behavior that are stretch goals. I reimagined the following diagram as a mixed-methods instructional guideline for being self-aware and assessing your own biases and behaviors.

On June 5th, Interim President Michael Bernstein and President-Elect Maurie McInnis charged me to create a strategic plan with concrete actions to effectively “lift the words off the page” of the Plan for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity.

What’s the Plan? I worked hard to find a theoretical strategy that everyone could implement within their respective roles. I am using a social change model called Collective Impact ( It is a problem-solving process, where continuous learning is essential to its success.

diversity plan impactAs a campus community, we will lead with purpose to build a supportive culture with our shared value strategy embedded into our actions and operational practices. Our ability to accomplish this can only happen with the active engagement of all members of the community, which includes undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, faculty, staff, alumni and external stakeholders.

How will we know it works? The plan requires performance measurements and evaluations that are multifaceted, responsive and flexible. There will be different evaluation approaches used at the various stages of the plan, with a developed measurement system of key outcomes and indicators.

What are next steps? In the coming two weeks, I will provide an in-depth explanation of the Collective Impact Model, what the learning in action process looks like, what the four conditions are for success, and what is the comprehensive evaluation plan.

What activities have occurred so far? Please check the Diversity as Stony Brook website for a list of upcoming events.

  • June 13th - White Coats for Black Lives sponsored by Stony Brook’s Student National Medical Association (SNMA) and Health Outreach and Medical Education (HOME).
  • 4-Part Virtual Town Hall Presentation by the Center for Changing Systems of Power (General Public)
    1.   June 18th – The Killing of George Floyd and the Resulting Protest for Social Justice sponsored by the Center for Changing Systems of Power, the College of Arts and Sciences and the Alumni Association
    2.   June 24th – The Global Dimension of Black Lives Matter: Where Do We Go From Here sponsored by the Department of Africana Studies and College of Arts and Sciences -
    3.   Mid-July – Session Three
    4.   Late-July – Session Four
  • 2- Part Community Dialogue (Undergraduate Students Only)
    1. June 24th - Structural and Systemic Racism and Discrimination

      Over a dozen student organizations are coming together to process and discuss the ongoing realities of our Black and Brown students, and to address structural and systemic racism and discrimination that affect the Stony Brook University community.
    2. TBD – This is a follow-up conversation to discuss strategic efforts for University leadership and the respective student organizations, and to provide allyship skills that facilitate understanding, capacity and a stronger student body”
  • SBU's Beyond the Expected Podcast Series: Diversity in Action hosted by CDO Judi Brown Clarke

    June 25th @ 11am FacebookLive - A new themed series around diversity, equity and inclusion -- what we're doing to infuse energy into SBU's Diversity Plan, how we're addressing racial issues in light of the death of George Floyd, and challenges to changing the climate, etc.

  • Community Vigil: Service of Hope and Peace

    Mid-July - People are hurting and trying to make sense of contagious COVID-19 and acts of hate that they are seeing/experiencing. The national rhetoric is inflammatory and social distancing is isolating. The Vigil will focus on the following:
    • Those that have left us, and those that feel "left"...literally and figuratively
    • This "new normal" is challenging us to redefine what and who is important
    • Where do we get the strength to center ourselves and endure this storm with strength?
    • Food is both substantive and spiritual, where do we find welcoming tables?

The foundation of this Diversity Plan in Action is to ensure that everyone feels seen, heard, included, valued, supported and affirmed. I am committed to developing positive outcomes from this plan and creating meaningful change on our campus. With your engagement and active participation, I am confident that we can make that happen, together. I look forward to continuous conversations, sharing of information and strategies, and campus-wide collaboration. 

What is a Seawolf? I am!  

Your Teammate,

Judi Brown Clarke, PhD
Chief Diversity Officer