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The Center for Changing Systems of Power is committed to the highest level of rigor in intellectual inquiry. We seek to illuminate interlocking relationships between inequality and multiple systems of oppression, axes of domination defined by class, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, geography, and other markers of constructed difference, as embedded in contexts of wealth, poverty, and power. A significant focus will be on studying men and masculinities, the impact of patriarchy along with misogyny and hegemonic behavior and the resulting inequality, oppression and domination. 

The Center’s second core commitment is promoting social justice, both within and beyond the academy, in communities and causes on Long Island, greater New York, and globally. A third core of our mission is to bridge the gap between academics, community groups, advocates and public policy makers by sponsoring dialogue and debate over public policies that can address our society’s growing inequalities and injustices including the evolution and impact of the #MeToo Movement.

We therefore aim to deliver critical and interdisciplinary perspectives on what can and should be done to address crucial needs, with special regard for the most vulnerable, whose voices are often least likely to be heard. The Center is committed to fostering a world in which everyone, regardless of race, gender, sex, or sexuality reach their full potential as human beings. We support and promote research that furthers the development of a deeper understanding of healthy masculinities to achieve greater gender equality for all people. We seek to build bridges among a new generation of researchers, practitioners, and activists who work to achieve these ends.

Additional thematic clusters beyond those specified above will capture the interests and expertise of participating faculty in Labor and Class Studies, Carceral Studies, Environmental Justice Studies, Immigration and Mobility Studies, and Race and Social Justice Studies.