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Board Of Directors

  • Gary Barker
    Executive Director Promundo Washington DC
  • Stanley Bergman
    CEO Henry Schein, Melville, NY
  • Roslyn Brock
    Chairperson Emeritus NAACP National Board of DirectorsChief Advocacy Officer Bon Secours Mercy HealthMariottsville, Maryland
  • Myrna Chao
    Myrna is the North America Retirement Talent Leader of Towers Watson. She also serves as the Chair of Global Diversity and inclusion Council in the last 9 years. She is a proud Stony Brook alumna and supporter of the Center and other programs at the University.
  • Dr. Eddie S. Glaude Jr.
    Distinguished University Professor & Chair Department of African American Studies,  Princeton University
  • Caroline Heldman
    Professor Occidental College Executive Director Representation Project She is also a senior research advisor for the Geena Davis Institute for Gender in Media. Her research specializes in media, the presidency, and systems of power (race, class, gender, sexuality and ability).
  • Dr. Jason Johnson
    Professor of Political Science at Morgan State, Grio and MSNBC Contributor
  • Dr. Cliff Leek
    Past President American Men’s Study Association Assistant Professor of Sociology University of Northern Colorado, Former Chairman of American Men’s Study Association
  • Stuart Milk
    Executive Director Harvey Milk Foundation Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Ali Velshi
    Anchor and Correspondent MSNBC & NBC News Board of the Chicago History Museum Member of the Council on Foreign Relations Teaches at the Wharton School and CUNY Journalism Volunteers with the New York’s Center for Urban Community Services homeless outreach program

Affiliate Faculty

  • Catherine Marrone
    Catherine Marrone is an Advanced Senior Lecturer and the Undergraduate Director in Sociology.She is a Faculty Director to the Undergraduate College of Arts, Culture and Humanities. She is also a Faculty Advisor to the Multidisciplinary Studies Major.She joins the Center as a Medical Sociologist and someone who encourages an interdisciplinary approach to academic growth.  One of her areas of expertise is Gender and Human Reproduction.
  • Joseph Pierce
  • David Wiczer
    My research focuses on income inequality in the US, especially the lower end of the distribution. My work has looked at the asymmetric affect of recessions and job market instability on this group. From a policy perspective, I have also studied Social Security Disability Insurance as it interacts with the labor market and forms an important part of the income safety net. During the most recent recession, I have been studying how the distribution of available jobs has changed abruptly and how high levels of debt affected how people used support payments.
  • Robbye Kinkade
  • Thomas Woodson
  • Melissa Bessaha
    Dr. Bessaha's research centers on examining social relationships and society’s structural conditions that impact the mental health and wellbeing of underserved youth and young adults. Her research aims to inform culturally responsive interventions and policies that promote mental health and higher education equity during the transition to adulthood. Dr. Bessaha has led several research studies including analysis of national data on young adult immigrants’ barriers to mental health service use, participatory action research on educational experiences among college students with disabilities, and the role of loneliness and social support on young adult mental health.
  • Amy Hammock
    Amy Hammock, PhD, MSW is Assistant Professor of Social Welfare and Core Faculty Member in the Program in Public Health at Stony Brook University. Her research is focused on culturally-competent methods of prevention and response to intimate partner violence (IPV). As part of this research agenda, she investigates the particular ways that IPV manifests and is responded to differently among subgroups within the population (including racial/ethnic minorities, immigrants, and young adults), and how these differences affect the development and implementation of effective community-level interventions. As many of her questions are concerned with how groups of people conceptualize IPV and the processes through which communities change to address IPV, she employs qualitative and community-based participatory methodologies in her work. Dr. Hammock teaches courses in integrated health policy, planning and implementing community health programs, and qualitative research methods.
  • Rachel Hayward
  • Ijeoma Opara
  • Suzanne Velazquez
  • Leonie Huddy
    Professor of Political Science She studies political behavior in the United States and elsewhere through the lens of intergroup relations, with a special focus on gender, race, and ethnic relations.
  • Anne O'Byrne
    My work is in 20th and 21st century political philosophy, particularly in the tradition of writing on radical democracy. I am interested in the connection between the existential human conditions of birth, kinship, the ability to act, and the need to live communally on the one hand, and the struggle for freedom and equality on the other. My book project is on democracy, genocide, and generational existence.
  • Simone Brioni
    Associate Professor in the Department of English and Affiliate Faculty in the Department of Africana Studies and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies at Stony Brook University. His research focuses on migration studies and postcolonial theory with a particular emphasis on contemporary Italian culture. His work as a director has focused on colonialism and its important role in establishing institutionalized systems of oppression throughout history, which still have a strong and deep-rooted influence today. Simone has written about and puts into practice collaborative approaches to postcolonial studies. Expanding the outreach and impact of postcolonial and decolonial theories to communities beyond the academy is also a thread in his work, in order to seek to collectively redefine the many nuanced ‘Italian’ experiences.
  • Robert Chase
  • Agnes He
    Professor of Applied Linguistics in the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies and Director of the Center for Multilingual and Intercultural Communication in the College of Arts and Sciences. Her current research focuses on the impact of globalization and immigration on language and cultural practices and on the development of intercultural communicative competence by learners of additional languages.
  • Roger Thompson
    Roger Thompson works on veteran and military issues and examines issues related to military language, trauma, and power. His most recent book, Veterans Studies, Writing Programs, and the Post 9-11 University, co-authored with Alexis Hart, is widely recognized as one of the foundational texts for Veterans Studies as a field. Thompson also works on issues related to conservation and wildlife protection.
  • Andrew Flescher
    Professor of Family, Population, and Preventive Medicine, Professor of English, and core faculty in the Program of Public Health at Stony Brook University.
  • Michelle Ballan
  • Brenda Anderson
  • Sheri Levy
  • Richard Gerrig
  • Bonita London-Thompson
  • Anne Moyer
    Social and Health Psychologist with an interest in psychosocial issues surrounding cancer and cancer risk as well as health disparities and medical decision making.  She also is interested in research methodology, research synthesis, and the psychology of research participation.
  • Zebulon Miletsky
    Zebulon Miletsky is an Associate Professor of Africana Studies. His new book "Before Busing: The History of Boston’s Long Black Struggle for Civil Rights" is being published by the University of North Carolina Press for release in December 2021. Dr. Miletsky, is an historian specializing in recent African-American History, Civil Rights and Black Power, Urban History, Mixed Race and Biracial identity, and Hip-Hop Studies. His research interests include: African-Americans in Boston; Northern freedom movements outside of the South; Mixed race history in the U.S. and passing; and the Afro-Latin diaspora. He is the author of numerousarticles, reviews, essays and book chapters. Ph.D.; African-American Studies with a concentration in History, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 2008.
  • Mark Chambers
  • Tracey Walters
  • Abena Asare
  • Shyam Sharma
  • E.K. Tan
    Associate Professor in the Department of English and Chair of the Department of Asian & Asian American Studies. His research focuses on Asian diaspora, postcolonial theory, critical race theory, queer Asia, and inter-Asia cultural studies. His current book project, tentatively titled Queer Homecoming: Translocal Remapping of Sinophone Kinship studies the circulation of LGBTQ activist ideas and tactics between Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Asian America via media, film, and literary production. He is concurrently working on a project that examines the impact of language and ethnic policies on cultural production in Post-WWII Singapore, Taiwan, and ethnic China.
  • Sean Clouston, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor,Department of Family, Population and Preventitive Medicine Program in Public Health