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Using Forgiveness and Mindfulness to Foster Resilience and Flexibility  

Join Dr. Fred Luskin, best-selling author and director of Stanford University's Forgiveness Projects, for workshop focusing on positive psychology as a prescription for better health and happiness in life and business.

You will learn how choosing emotional wellness and positive coping can reduce anger, depression, stress – and even blood pressure — and lead to greater feelings of optimism, hope, compassion, and self-confidence.  Mindfulness, forgiveness and positive psychology practices will be highlighted.


Workshop Overview

The workshop is offered in either an online or face-to-face format. There will be discussion and guided practice on:

  • What is positive psychology and why are mindfulness and forgiveness so important for our well being
  • Why forgiveness is good for people’s emotional and physical well-being
  • Why happiness predicts success more than success predicts happiness
  • What is mindfulness and how can one embed simple practices in a busy life

About Forgiveness

For an introduction to the topic of Forgiveness, watch this video of Dr. Luskin speaking at the LifeTalks conference.



About the Facilitator

Fred Luskin pic

Fred Luskin, PhD

Dr. Frederic Luskin is a Senior Consultant in Health Promotion and Wellness at Stanford University and Director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects.

His highly-regarded work has led to presentations at Facebook, Apple, Google, Boston Consulting, Cisco and LinkedIn. Formerly Research Associate in Preventive Cardiology at Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Luskin is also the author of best-selling books Forgive for Good and Stress Free for Good . In addition, Dr. Luskin is co-founder of the executive consulting firm Maximize Your Talent .